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It seems like every day a new study is published or a new diet fad emerges, taking the health and weight loss world by storm. To stay up to date on some of the latest wellness news, read our 8fit articles. You’ll learn that most times, simplicity is best. The 8fit fitness and nutrition philosophy revolves around helping you create simple, sustainable, healthy habits that last a lifetime. The 8fit approach is a proven method that works best, changing lives for the better time and time again.

At 8fit, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for goals like weight loss, muscle gain or weight management. Within the app, 8fit's exercise programs and meal plans are customized to you and your goals. Each plan is designed to fit perfectly into your lifestyle with quick workouts and meal plans that take your dietary needs or food and cooking preferences into account. In our articles, 8fit coaches and nutritionists further explain popular diets such as the low-carb ketogenic diet or fitness trends like HIIT, strength training and yoga.

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