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8fit in a Nutshell

HIIT the ground running
With 8fit, you’ll get workouts that match your goals and lifestyle.
  • Exercise programs designed for long-term results

  • Varied classes like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, core, resistance band workouts, and many more

  • Upgrade your nutrition
    Exercise is only one part of the wellness equation. Nutrition is just as important! With 8fit you’ll benefit from:
  • Customized meal plans. Vegan? Paleo? Pescetarian? We’ve got you covered

  • 800 nutritionist-approved recipes

  • Realistic guidance—you won’t find any detoxes or quick-fixes in this app

  • Aim for progress over perfection
    We consider working out and nourishing our bodies to be acts of self-care, but we get that it’s not always easy. That’s why we:
  • Emphasize taking care of your whole self and making gradual habit changes

  • Offer sleep meditation for a good night’s rest

  • Provide engaging and informative content

  • User Reviews

    Ana & Brian
    With 8fit, it’s not about losing weight. Anyone can lose weight, but they might gain it back. 8fit taught us how to eat, how to follow a healthy diet and what to have in our pantry. Before, we would buy different things at the grocery store every time, but now we buy the same, healthy things with some variation.
    For me, the biggest benefit of using 8fit was the confidence building. There will be days that you won’t want to exercise, there will be days that you won’t want to meet your walking goals, and there will be days when you just want junk food. Walk anyways and stick to your meals.
    I love the meals on the 8fit app. They are all very simple and easy to prepare. I need simplicity to accommodate my busy schedule. I also like the shopping list because it makes preparation easier and helps me understand exactly how much to buy for that week’s meal plan.

    Join us in pursuit of a healthier tomorrow

    Get a customized meal plan and choose from varied workouts requiring only your body.

    Belen lost 14.7lbs in 3 months

    I was active before using the app. But only by learning how to eat the right portions with 8fit, I managed to lose the weight. This was a year ago and I haven’t gained it back. Now I’m way more creative with my meals. 8fit definitely taught me how to be more organized and efficient with my time.
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    For anyone looking to make a real lifestyle change but needs a little help along the way, this app is a great option.

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