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The 8fit Way

Transforming the concept of fitness from the pursuit of perfection, to a liberating journey of healthy, body-positive and lasting changes.

Who We Are

We're a health and fitness app offering efficient workouts, customized meal plans, and self-care guidance to users united by the desire to feel better inside and out. Our Berlin-based app is available worldwide in six languages, with 30 million downloads and counting. We steer our company mission through powerful values that anchor every level of our culture and work style from the ground up:

Our Values

  • Be Brave

    We are agents of radical change, harnessing creative thinking and daring solutions to make a difference in the world.

  • Have Compassion

    Listening and empathizing with both the people in our organization and the customers we serve is at the core of who we are.

  • Be Accountable

    We are responsible and honest with our customers, our colleagues and ourselves.

  • Have Fun

    We are all about finding what feels good and spreading the joy of the journey -- work and working out are about play.

What We Offer

Fun, varied workouts

Combine full-body HIIT training with workouts like cardio boxing, yoga, Pilates and more.

Whole-body health

Self-care guidance, meditation and stretching for overall wellbeing.

Healthy & personalised meals

Personalise your meal plan based on dietary preferences – dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and more. Exclude any foods, whether it’s a preference or allergy.

Progress tracking

Small wins are big motivators. Set weekly goals to stay on track.

Whole-body health

Self-care guidance, meditation and stretching for overall wellbeing.

Start your 8fit journey

Start your 8fit journey

We encourage you to take your fitness journey one step at a time, and we don't subscribe to a "no pain, no gain" mindset.

We offer realistic guidance — no quick-fixes because they just simply do not work.

You will learn how to take care of your whole self by making gradual habit changes.