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Our vision is to empower everyone to live a happier, healthier life – that’s what gets us out of bed every morning. Read on for a glimpse of life at 8fit, and explore open roles below.

Current Openings:

Sweet surroundings

Our Berlin HQ is a wide-open oasis that embraces clear communication and coming together to find the best solutions to challenges we face.

Family style

We embrace the lifestyle we coach, so every Friday, we sit down to lunch as a team, and our kitchen is stocked with healthy goodies.

Fitness friends

We stay active together through frequent fitness-related activities, like rock climbing, spin and bootcamp.

Fully charged

Our generous vacation and remote work policy allows you to unplug, recharge, explore and unwind.

Social animals

From summer BBQs to quarterly team outings, we get to know each other as people so we can do better work together when we’re on the clock.

World travelers

Berlin winters can be rather dreary. That’s why we escape “The Grey City” for the month of February every year, and head somewhere tropical.

The Benefits

  • Health Insurance for you and your family
  • Holidays and remote work policy for that work-life balance everyone’s going on about
  • Stock Options, so you can share in 8fit’s success
  • Health & Wellness – gym benefits, because of course
  • Personal technology budget – Apple or PC? Your call!
  • Relocation & Visa Assistance if you’re making Berlin your new home

The 8fit Approach


Instead of sweating the small stuff, focus obsessively on what matters and optimize for the biggest wins.


Autonomy comes with responsibility, so own your decisions and their outcomes, good or bad. There’s no such thing as “Not my job.”


Work smarter, not harder: be versatile, take risks and come to the table with solutions at the ready.


Moving fast helps us understand how we need to grow and adapt – embrace a culture of constant experimentation and turn learnings into action.


Identify better tools and systems to manage complexity and ensure we’re scaling, not simply growing.


Stay accountable to yourself and your team through honest communication; always be sharing, learning, listening, and growing. No silos allowed.


Make your professional life as enriching as possible in an environment that supports growth, both personal and professional, with clear visibility into your path forward.


Find work that’s compatible with your personal dreams and leave time to enjoy life outside the office.

Considering a relocation?

Berlin is an incredible city – vibrant, affordable and tons of fun. If you’re based elsewhere now but would like to join us at 8fit’s HQ, we’ll help you make the move.

Housing & flight assistance

We’ll help set you up for success with resources and advice to get you to Berlin, help you find a place to call home, & get your stuff to Berlin.

Administrative assistance

For your visa (if you need one) and help with other forms of registration.

Language classes

You can get by without German in Berlin, but why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? If you’re interested in learning, we offer help in paying for language classes.

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Other awesome elements of life in Berlin:

  • Life in a European capital where speaking English will get you around just fine
  • Affordable housing – about 50% less than what you’d pay in major American cities
  • Universal health care
  • Generous maternity/paternity leave and subsidized child care (about $20 a week)
  • Cheap, awesome public transportation and superb bike lanes
  • Ability to get to the Mediterranean, the Alps, Scandinavia and more in just 90 minutes
  • Lots of public holidays
  • Cultural and entertainment opportunities galore, from a 7-nights-a-week party scene and concerts to museums, galleries, festivals and top-notch culinary events