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8fit Transformation Stories

Soriane’s Shining Results

Making health a priority with 8fit

Soriane’s career was skyrocketing, but her unpredictable schedule often meant poor food choices and little time for exercise, which led to weight gain. Now, she works healthy habits into her busy calendar with HIIT workouts and by prepping healthy meals in advance––and she’s glowing as a result.

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Benedikt’s Life-Changing Experience

Becoming confident, fit and happy with 8fit

Benedikt was wasting hours on ineffective workouts in the gym and yo-yo dieting without seeing progress and feeling low as a result. Now, he’s feeling great, exercising for fun and eating well as part of his new-found healthy lifestyle.

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Belen’s Non-Crossfit Transformation

Learning to eat to fuel training goals with 8fit

Belen was an avid Crossfitter who ate well, could deadlift more than her body weight, and was physically fit, but despite her healthy lifestyle, she was unhappy her physique didn’t reflect her hard work. Now, Belen feels confident in her body, knows how much to eat to support her goals, and is a meal prep pro.

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