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Making health a priority with 8fit

Making health a priority with 8fit

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Soriane is a professional opera singer and entrepreneur whose irregular schedule makes it a challenge to put health and fitness first.

In her early 30s, she noticed her body was changing, and she knew it was time to start giving her health more care and attention. Her goal was to take control of her health and find a lifestyle that would provide her sustained energy and stamina, so she can better meet the demands of her ever-changing schedule and give her professional projects full focus. That’s why she turned to 8fit: to provide her with consistency and guidance to achieve long-term health.

On Soriane’s long list of daily to-do’s, planning what to eat was far from the top. Her routine was to grab coffee in the morning, and if she remembered to eat, it was something quick. She thought she was making healthy choices, choosing salads over burgers, but like most people, she didn’t eat enough of the right foods. In following the 8fit meal plan, she discovered meals that were delicious and easy to make, and having healthy meals planned out for the week (complete with an automatic shopping list) meant one less “to-do” on her list. Meal prep ended up saving her hours every week; she no longer needed to count calories or think about what she was going to have for dinner.

Soriane committed to following every recommendation 8fit provided, and saw outstanding results.

The app allowed her to squeeze HIIT workouts into her schedule without leaving home, and in under 20 minutes. Her meals were planned ahead, so she was always prepared with healthy, nutritious food even when her schedule got crazy. As she fed her body well and upped her exercise, her energy and stamina improved. Soriane’s voice was always strong and beautiful, but now she stands a little taller – she shines from the inside out with pride in the knowledge that she’s mastered healthy habits for life.