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Becoming confident, fit and happy with 8fit

Becoming confident, fit and happy with 8fit

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Benedikt’s goal when joining the 8fit program was to feel happier and more confident. He wanted to combat insecurities he experienced across his personal and work life, and saw achieving better personal health as a clear route to a more secure, confident version of himself. Though he logged hours at the gym every week, he lacked confidence in his physical abilities and wasn’t seeing the changes he wanted. He tried to modify his eating too, but in bouncing between shake diets and restrictive rules, he would lose weight quickly, only to gain it back. Benedikt’s diminished self-confidence started to affect his social life and his work, but the real “ah-ha!” moment was when he ripped a second pair of pants; he knew he had to change his lifestyle. That’s when he turned to 8fit to get his health on track.

With 8fit, Benedikt found that achieving his goals was easier than he expected.

Through the 8fit nutrition plan, he learned how to prepare delicious, wholesome meals, and how to better read nutritional labels to make healthy choices in any situation. And he discovered that healthful food didn’t have to be monotonous and boring, but flavorful and satisfying! Paired with the short but effective HIIT workouts found in 8fit’s app, he was finally seeing the results he’d been chasing for months.

He committed to the process and followed the 8fit program one hundred percent, and his hard work and dedication shows in his outstanding results. Today, healthy eating and exercise continue to be a huge part of his life. Benedikt now surrounds himself with like-minded people and truly enjoys exercise – he’s even become a marathon runner! And he still uses his favorite recipes from the 8fit app. Benedikt’s transformation is an incredible example of how powerful small, sustainable steps can be in achieving a happier, healthier life long-term.