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Learning to eat to fuel training goals with 8fit

Learning to eat to fuel training goals with 8fit

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Years ago, Belen fell in love with the positive endorphins brought on by exercising, and the joy she felt in feeling strong and fit thanks to Crossfit.

She also loves eating delicious food. As she became fitter, she started to pay more attention to her nutrition, and although she thought she understood proper nutrition, Belen was unable to lose weight successfully. Like many Crossfitters, she tried eating Paleo and other diets her friends saw success with. Like clockwork, though, boredom would set in after three weeks and she would give up and return to her usual routine. She wasn’t able to achieve the physical progress she was aiming for, because while she was eating healthy foods, she hadn’t mastered proper portion sizes. When Belen started to give her body the right nutrition in the right amounts, she saw incredible results.

Through 8fit, she found recipes that were delicious, easy to prepare and she learned how much she should be eating for her body. She’s since been following the meal plan easily for months, with no intention of quitting. And while Belen turned to the 8fit app for nutrition guidance, she was pleasantly surprised to see her fitness improve as well, thanks to the short HIIT workouts she performed at home with the app.

Don’t be fooled though – it wasn’t always smooth sailing. It can be hard to break old habits, so it was a real test when Belen went on vacation with her family.

Her weaknesses have always been desserts and her mother’s cooking, but when traveling, she used 8fit to prepare easily-transportable recipes perfect for the girl on-the-go. After learning appropriate portion sizes for her body through 8fit, she was able to easily navigate menus while eating out. Belen’s increased confidence and the changes in her physique even inspired her parents to incorporate 8fit’s meals into their daily routine! Her transformation shows that while you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet, by giving your body the nutrition it needs, you can achieve a sustainable, healthier, happier life.