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Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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A graduate of Deutsche Hochschule für Prävention und Gesundheitsmanagement with a Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition Counseling, Jennifer is our resident nutrition expert. In addition to studying nutrition, she also studied muscle physiology, sports, and psychology. She came to 8fit with nearly four years of experience creating nutrition plans for individual clients to help them reach their personal goals.

My fitness philosophy

Don’t go to extremes or take yourself too seriously. Find a balance between enjoying life, while also pushing yourself.

My story

I’ve been interested in nutrition for a long time and it started when I was a child growing up on my family’s farm. I learned about how food made its way onto my plate and the nutritional difference between food from the supermarket and food straight from the ground.

While studying, I worked full-time for a doctor who specializes in metabolism and nutrition. I interacted with a lot of patients and learned that every person is an individual and that every body works differently.

In today’s society, we are constantly fed different nutrition tips and diet advice for reliable and unreliable sources. This makes it easy to lose hope or not know where to turn to for the best advice. Many of my clients have tried different diets and notice their metabolism collapses. After the diet is over, they gain weight easily. I’m passionate about helping them find a nutrition plan that works for them.

Why I became a coach

I became a nutrition coach because I’m personally interested in learning what a food consists of and how the body uses it. Also, there are so many nutrition myths and diet products flying around yet we still see an increase in obesity rates and weight-related diseases. I want to help people understand the essentials. I want to learn more about each of my clients on an individual level and make nutrition and lifestyle suggestions based on that.

What fitness and nutrition mean for me

Both fitness and nutrition are a part of my daily routine because I find that they give me a lot of energy. It also helps that I’m passionate about both and that all of my friends share similar views. In fact, we mostly see each other while doing sports or cooking together.

Fun facts

What three words best describe you?

  • Unassuming

  • Adventurous

  • Optimistic

What is your favorite exercise?

I love vinyasa yoga

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate and carrot cake (I enjoy both without guilt!)

What is your favorite workout song?

“Spirit Bird” by Xavier Rudd (best for those post-workout cool downs)

What is your favorite food? Vietnamese. I love fresh herbs and roasted peanuts!

What is your favorite hobby?

Exploring new cultures, people, and landscapes. I love leaving my home and comfort zone once in a while to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

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