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Self Care & Mindfulness

Self-care is a wellness practice that is deliberate and self-initiated, meaning you decide to care for yourself. Focusing on self-care is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and goes beyond taking baths, getting massages and doing a weekly face mask. Self-care also includes fitness and nutrition habits. Taking responsibility for what foods you put in your body and for how you move your body. Positive self-care comprises of fueling your body with wholesome, nourishing foods and incorporating regular movement - any kind of movement - into your daily routine.

Self-care also goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness practices and encourages us to slow down and really take care of ourselves. It often focuses on preventative wellness strategies - that is, truly caring for your mind and body so that you don’t get sick and minimize the need for medicines. Some other key practices associated with self-care include a healthy work-life balance, better stress management, journaling, learning to say “no,” maintaining relationships that feel fulfilling, and meditation.

Improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being today by showing yourself a bit more love.

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