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Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Inspired by our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge, which runs throughout June on our Instagram Stories, we compiled some of the ways you’re easing the transition into new routines, all with the aim of adding a little calmness and mindfulness to our disrupted lives. Try some of them out and discover what works for you. You’ll find more tips on our Instagram, @8fit.

Moving Meditation

Go outside for a walk without your phone, music, or any other distractions, for at least 20 minutes. Focus on how you feel, how your body feels, and try to make some space in your mind to just be. Whether it’s early and you want to set intentions for the day, or you want to sort and file that day’s activity, or you just want to clear the space in your mind completely, see how you feel when you take the time to do just that.

Digital Detox

It’s no secret that staying away from our devices late at night contributes to better sleep. Try to go offline at least two hours before going to bed. Put your phone on charge in another room and leave it there, close your laptop, make some tea, stretch, read, spend time with your partner, make a list for the next day… whatever, as long as it isn’t staring at a screen. You might want to take it even further and see how long you can stay away when you wake up. You’ll find more digital detox tips here.

Get Up and Yoga

Start your day with our full body yoga flow, suitable for all levels, on the app. It’s the perfect way to gently wake up the body and set your mind and body up for a great day. There are also bedtime yoga routines on our IGTV and app, if you want to make it a two-parter.

Make a Plan

Planning helps you use your time in the most efficient way. Start your week putting pen to paper, or finger to screen, and write out your plan for the week. Get the family involved in meal preparation, and make sure you pencil in some time to catch up with friends and enjoy a weekend cocktail, as well as sorting out your work schedule.

Cook Creatively

It could be a Meat Free Monday or just using an ingredient you’ve never used before. Find a recipe on the 8fit app you normally would shy away from and give it your best shot. You’ll surprise yourself, and your taste buds.


Our minds relax more easily in tidy spaces, allowing our productivity and concentration to increase. Take the time to organize your home or workspace, and clear out anything that is causing unnecessary chaos. Old newspapers? Recycle them. Toys the kids have outgrown? Donate them. That cozy old college sweater that’s seen better days? Well, that can stay. If you are back in an office, it could be a good opportunity to reset that environment too.

Good Mood Music

Make a playlist of songs that make you happy and whenever you need a motivation boost, turn up the volume. Dance around like no one’s watching, or just tap your foot discreetly at your desk. Whatever.

Reasons to Be Thankful

Write a list of things that are really going well in your life right now. Or things you’re thankful for. Or the people you love. Or your favorite memories. Sometimes just looking at it in black and white is enough to make the bad things seem less important.

Indulge Mindfully

Order a pizza, make your grandma’s mac and cheese recipe, or double up on dessert. It’s important to enjoy some guilt-free indulgence now and again. It’s all part of the balance of Mindful Eating.

Stretch, Squeeze, Sweat

From stretches to wind down after a hard day and self-massage techniques (watch out on our Instagram for those) to blood-pumping workouts like our new HIIT Pilates, you’ll always find a way to move and be mindful on the 8fit app and Instagram.

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