New Month, New 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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With a new way to bring us together and lift our mood each day in June, plus the chance to win a one-year 8fit Pro membership, our new 30-day challenge is here—and it’s all about mindfulness.

But what actually is mindfulness?

Whether it’s the way we eat, how we move or breathe, our bedtime routine, even what we read and listen to, mindfulness is about being aware of all the seemingly automatic things we do each day and how they affect how we navigate our very unique lives. It’s not about removing life’s obstacles and challenges, but facing them deliberately and consciously, without judgment, to reveal the habits that hold us back and replace them with mindful solutions. It’s also about recognizing the time and space you need to maintain a healthy body and mind.  

At 8fit, we know there isn’t always the time to focus on a long meditation session, or the space to get deep into a yoga practice as soon as homeschooling is wrapped up. Maybe there just isn’t the motivation after your fifteenth Zoom meeting of the day. More than ever, we want to show you some of our favorite ways to introduce a little more mindfulness into our lives, and have some fun too.

That’s where the 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge comes in, to show you just how simple and diverse it can be. From eating without distraction and ways to get a better night’s sleep to sharing the music that motivates you and starting your day the right way, each of the 30 challenges are quick and easy methods to make positive changes and reflect on what matters most.  

Challenge details

We’ll post a challenge in our Instagram Stories each day in June with the instructions you need to take part. Make sure you follow @8fit. As you move through the month, tag us each day (using "@8fit") with the ways you’re implementing the ideas and exercises into your life. As our Instagram notifications ping through and we’re inspired by all you 8fitters, we’ll give away a 1-year 8fit Pro membership each week to one of the stories we love most.   We can’t wait to discover the new ways you’re bringing mindfulness into your lives at home, work, and play.

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