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When you have children running around the house, you inevitably have less time to focus on Y-O-U. This means that your health and well-being often get deprioritized as your children become the center of your world. Well, we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. 8fit workouts take 20-minutes or less and many 8fit recipes are kid-friendly and fun to prepare for the entire family.

Download the 8fit app for customized fitness and meal plans that work with your busy schedule and lifestyle. Use it to search for recipes your kids will enjoy so you aren’t spending hours in the kitchen cooking one meal for the adults and one meal for the children. After you’ve set up the 8fit app, read our collection of parenting articles aimed at helping busy parents like you maintain healthy habits. You’ll find tips like how to squeeze a workout in at the playground or bus stop, how to prep snacks that your kids will love too, and even how to inspire your children to live healthier lives.

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