Diary of a Busy Mom: How Jessi Used 8fit Postpartum

Written by
Bee @ 8fit
Jessi with baby
Written by
Bee @ 8fit
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Getting back into shape as a busy mom is an immense feat of endurance, patience, and perseverance at the best of times. Now imagine having to do that while living on a remote volcanic island prone to impromptu storms, with a lack of access to fresh produce or exercise resources. These are the exact challenges faced by new mom, Jessi, after her son was born last year.

jessi and baby

Embarking on her 8fit journey

After a few years of voluntary work around the world, lively pint-sized New Yorker, Jessi, found herself in love on Reunion Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Two years later, her now 13-month old son, arrived. Tropical life may seem picture perfect from a distance, but along with the postpartum pounds, the stresses of motherhood, the lack of an exercise community and fresh food resources, Jessi found herself struggling to feel her best.

Despite the odds, Jessi decided to make her health and well-being a priority and turned her nutrition and fitness around with the 8fit Pro app. With the support of the 8fit coaches, Jessi was able to get the help she needed to adjust her eating habits and squeeze in some quick HIIT style workouts, while her son was asleep.

Jessi shares the first 4 weeks of her fitness journal with us, as she tracks the ups, downs, and in-betweens of getting fit again.

Diary excerpt: Week 1

Today I am proud of myself because…

I was able to do a few short workouts while my baby slept and I even got some sleep!

Today I am grateful for…

Sleep and being physically able to do my workouts.


Went to out dinner and though it was tough, I managed to find healthy options to eat.


Went to dinner and a movie and managed to stay on track!

Jessi indoor workout

Fast fitness

As with any new endeavor, the first week or two can be the hardest. Jessi threw herself into the workouts with gusto, fitting quick workouts into her busy schedule while her son napped or was at daycare. Having had a C-section, she modified a few of the core exercises to meet her body’s postpartum needs. She swapped out exercises like boat holds and V-ups with planks to avoid injuring or adding unnecessary stress to her still recovering body.

Diary excerpt: Week 2

Today I am proud of myself because…

Even though the second workout was hard, I persevered.

Today I am grateful for…

The baby sleeping all night!!!


For some reason, the second workout was really hard and my body feels tired.


I worked out before lunch and that gave me the energy and motivation to take care of the baby and clean the house with my husband.

bulgarian scramble eggs

Riding out the storm

If anyone understands what it’s like to feel immense gratitude for fresh, healthful foods, it’s Jessi. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not a given on Reunion Island, and during the first two weeks of her 8fit journey, the island was hit by an unexpected cyclone, wiping out a lot of fresh produce and affecting the quality of the drinking water. In spite of these giant hurdles, Jessi stuck to her plan as best she could, adapted and even managed to whip up some delicious meals that met her nutritional and emotional needs (like the 8fit Tadka Dal pictured below).

tadka dal with chapati final

Diary excerpt: Week 3

Today I am proud of myself because…

I kept a positive attitude most of the day, being menstrual.

Today I am grateful for…

Coffee, baby’s nap time, and super happy to find fresh spinach at the grocery store.


Navigating through my day while looking after my newly walking baby and having my period all at the same time.


Still ate the 8fit meals even though I felt like s**t and all I really wanted was chocolate and tequila.

Baby steps: Realistic weight loss for busy moms

The 4 weeks of Jessi’s 8fit journey were exactly that, the first steps in solidifying new approaches to health and fitness that worked with — and not against — her life circumstances.

As she hit the 4-week mark Jessi started to notice that, “I did sleep better, as in fall asleep quicker on the days that I would work out. The challenge has helped my mental state a lot.” From a purely physical stance, she found herself being able to bend to touch her toes, execute lunges with correct form, and exercise patience when she was feeling hangry.

Just like her son’s baby steps, Jessi is gradually becoming stronger each day. Her small daily victories add up and lay the foundation for a lifetime of health.

Diary excerpt: Week 4

Today I am proud of myself because…

I can touch the floor with my hands when bending over and I made it to a new fitness level on the 8fit app!

Today I am grateful for…

Daycare and that my dude is a great partner and dad. 😊


Unexpected cyclone, getting and drinking enough water (as we were advised against drinking the tap water because of the storm), as well as getting groceries.


Finding veggies at the market that weren’t crazy expensive. Also getting my energy up to be able to keep my kid preoccupied all day.


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