8fitter Spotlight: Ana and Brian Make a Powerful Pair

Written by
Emily @ 8fit
Written by
Emily @ 8fit
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Ana joined 8fit 2 years ago. She began exercising regularly and cooking healthy meals for herself, not letting holidays or unsupportive friends shake her resolve or routine. When Brian, Ana’s boyfriend, realized just how much 8fit had changed her life, he decided to join her on her on the journey.

In the interview below, Ana and Brian share how the 8fit app has helped them transform their lives. You’ll see that they are happier and healthier — both individually and as a pair. We’re calling them 8fit’s 2018 Class Couple.

Ana and Brian’s 8fit transformation story

What was your worst fear prior to starting your 8fit plan?

Ana: I was worried about not seeing any changes.

Brian: I didn’t want to let others down. I was also worried that work would get in the way. Spending time exercising and slowing down to make healthy meals is a handicap in my field of work.

What do you do?

Brian: I’m a sales representative, so I spend the day on-the-go. On very few occasions, I’m able to have lunch and dinner at home. But when I’m on-the-go, there are many temptations. It wasn’t easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle at first. I’ve even doubted whether I should’ve downloaded the app in the first place. But, then I think to myself, “I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m lost already. Whatever I achieve will be positive.”

What was your favorite part about using the 8fit app?

Ana: In my case, I love the meals. Workouts have helped energize me since I usually train first thing in the morning, but what I enjoy most are the meals. Normally one associates losing weight and being on a “diet” with eating plain chicken breast and salad. That’s boring after three days. The recipes in the app are different every day and I find that I eat varied meals that are sometimes simple and sometimes elaborate. The variety is what I like most.

Brian: And you don’t feel hungry after a meal.

Ana: That, too.

Brian, do you enjoy variety in your meals?

Brian: Of course! I always loved eating a diverse diet, so that wasn’t an issue for me. My problem was that I ate a lot. I didn’t know how to measure quantities. I had never used a scale for food before. Cooking with 8fit has helped me focus on eating a wide range of foods with different nutrients throughout the day instead of eating a big salad, a bowl full of lentils, or reaching for processed food as a meal.

What’s the hardest thing about sticking to your 8fit fitness and meal plans?

Ana: When you skip a meal in your meal plan, not just one day but while on holiday for several days, it’s hard to get back on track. It’s easy to go out and have a sweet, a coffee, or a Coke, but then you think, “I’ll pay for this.” That’s enough to help me get back on track.

Have you had any proud or surprising moments with the app?

Brian: When I realized that preparing my meals started to happen naturally and I didn’t need to look at the quantities because I knew them well. When this happens, you think, “It works because it’s become a habit!” Another proud moment that everyone will experience is when you start seeing results. When you do 5 burpees, then 7, and then you more and feel fine while doing them. I remember how hard it was doing them for the first time and now I do them quickly and it’s not that much of an effort. I feel proud of myself.

Ana: When you see what you are capable of when it comes to both meals and workouts. Without realizing it, you start to prepare healthy snacks and healthy breakfasts. It’s the same with workouts — they get harder and harder, but you keep completing them.

Building healthy habits with 8fit

Tell us a healthy habit you adopted when you started using the app.

Brian: Something that I imagine can be hard for many people: the simple act of drinking water. I used to drink very little water and it was usually when I was very thirsty or when I finished exercising. When you get used to drinking water throughout the day, you feel more satiated in general — in thirst and hunger.

What were you drinking instead of water? Anything?

Brian: I always drank juice with my meals — not natural juice, the packaged juice from the supermarket. Also a lot of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Nestea…

Was it hard to quit and drink water instead?

Brian: No, because I committed to stopping and knew it’d be worth it. It was challenging to kick this habit, but the return was great.

Talkin’ goals

What is your 8fit goal or why are you doing this? Do you have an end goal?

Ana: When I started, my goal was to get rid of the weight I gained. It wasn’t much, but I didn’t feel good and wanted to lose it. Now my goal is to get stronger. I want to feel strong.

Brian: I know what I don’t want: I don’t want to go back to how I used to feel. Now I feel good, both on the outside and on the inside. I sleep 7-8 hours and don’t need an alarm to wake up. I wake up feeling energized.

Ana: Our daily goal is to stay in shape. Regardless of my weight, I want consistency and stability. March marks my 2-year anniversary using the 8fit app and I haven’t regained any of the weight I lost. Some months were better than others, but I’ve been consistent and my weight has been stable. That’s what I want: To not constantly worry about weight. I enjoy going out, traveling and leading a normal life. I’ve grown to enjoy eating healthily and exercising as part of my daily routine.

Brian: With 8fit, it’s not about losing weight. Anyone can lose weight, but they might gain it back. 8fit taught us how to eat, how to follow a healthy diet and what to have in our pantry. Before, we would buy different things at the grocery store every time, but now we buy the same, healthy things with some variation.

Two is better than one

What is it like doing 8fit with your partner?

Brian: Ana and I are able to work together and support each other. As we live together, I see the changes in her and she sees the changes in me. We are able to share opinions, which helps us not lose heart and reminds us that we’re human and that there will always be hard days.

Advice for new 8fitters

If you could give a piece of advice to someone who is new to the 8fit app, what would it be?

Ana: That everyone finds it hard at first. If you want a change, you have to focus because once you do, it gets easier with time.

Imagine your friend just started using the app and is in week 1 of their workout and meal plan. What would you tell them?

Ana: Don’t be in a rush to see immediate results. It’s a long process and goals are achieved by being consistent.

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