Exercise and Happiness

Exercise, Happiness and Hormones

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

― Henry David Thoreau

Getting fit is about more than physical benefits. This lesson discusses happiness, sleep, immune system boosters and many other results you’ll see from using 8fit and exercising regularly, intelligently.

Exercise and happiness: It is not just a myth

When we stay active and exercise on a regular basis, we stay less stressed and feel happier.

Exercise boosts certain hormones and chemicals in the human mind, like dopamine, that plays a vital role in happiness.

One of the best ways to increase our brain’s dopamine count is regular exercise.

The Chemistry of Happiness

The things that are best at [releasing dopamine] involve physical activity. So aerobic exercise is probably one of the best releasers of dopamine.

– Happy, a psychology research documentary.

Reduce Stress Hormones with Exercise

Exercise has the capability to lower down the amount of stress hormones released in human body.

Cortisol is considered as one of the chief hormones that regulates human stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise can decrease the release of cortisol, which is part of what helps to reduce your stress.

Endorphine Release

Regular exercise also increases the amount of endorphins releases in the human body.

As endorphins are considered as the feel-good hormone, this gives your mood a natural boost.

Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that mainly helps in increasing muscle volume as well as the density of bone.

It is crucial for good health and is heavily involved in metabolism, muscle growth, and libido.

A low level of testosterone is harmful for the human body, as it may lead to a number of health hazards including depression, obesity, osteoporosis etc.

While testosterone is more prevalent in men than women, most exercise – especially strength training – relies on and interacts with it.

Boosting Testosterone

Multiple studies have revealed the fact that regular exercise can boost testosterone in the human body.

Simple workouts like sprinting, weight lifting, reps, bench-presses etc have significant effect in increasing testosterone levels.

Stronger Metabolism

Proper exercise and routine workouts boost your metabolism. This allows you to burn more fat passively and shed those extra kilos.

Regular exercise can boost the secretion of ketones, which are hormones that help signal hunger and regulate appetite.

Skip Sleeping Pills

If you find yourself needing a sleep aid, your quality of sleep will improve as you go through your 8fit program. You’ll also feel more energetic as you exercise more frequently and learn how to optimize your diet.

WebMD’s research shows that people who exercise regularly have better sleep quality. Exercise even works better than relaxation, meditation, and NLP therapy, a psychology technique to alter your subconscious.

Strengthening your Immune System

Exercise boosts your human immune system by creating macrophages.

Generally, a moderate exercise level is enough to boost your immune system.

8fit: Beyond your body!

Use your knowledge of fitness to better regulate your hormones in ways that improve your quality of life across all aspects. If the mirror isn’t your main motivator, we hope the other transformations you experience from our plans surely are!