5 Easy Steps for Meal Preparation

“What do I cook?”

“How often must I make food?”

“I don’t have time.”

These are the common issues preventing you from changing your eating habits. Learning to prepare meals is easy and can make all the difference when it comes to your health. It all comes down to choosing simple recipes, doing groceries ahead of time and making enough food to last you all week.

For many people, their weight loss journey starts when they stop snacking on junk food, and start eating freshly prepped meals instead. The key is to make your meals as simple and easily accessible as possible.

Here are five quick and easy steps for meal planning:

  1. Invest in high quality food containers. They are your new best friend! Not only are they easy to use, grab from the refrigerator and go, but they are also environmentally friendly. Make sure you get containers that are microwave safe.
  2. Choose recipes ahead of time. Pick your favorite, healthy foods and make them your daily staples. Make sure you get a mix of:
    1. Lean protein
    2. Complex carbs
    3. Healthy fats
  3. Pick a day of week to do your groceries. Usually this is best done on Sunday before the work week, but find which day works best for you. We make this easy for 8fit Pro members by creating a weekly shopping list for you. Simply open 8fit app, go to the ‘Meals’ tab, tap on the options menu at the top-right, and select ‘Menu & Shopping list email’. Everything you need will be delivered straight to your inbox.
  4. Prep meals for the week. Then, refrigerate or freeze the food in separate containers. Make sure you have 3 meals a day, as well as healthy snacks, to keep your metabolism revving! Some favorites from our users include:
    1. Chopped apple, yogurt, protein powder and cinnamon for breakfast
    2. Fresh salad for lunch
    3. Cooked veggies & protein for dinner
    4. A protein shake & banana for a post workout snack
  5. Repeat weekly! This will soon become routine and you won’t even have to think before doing it.

Preparing your meals in advance not only saves you time, but also money that you would have otherwise spent eating out. That leaves more money for that vacation you’re planning.

Most of all, remember to enjoy meal prep. Cooking can be fun and your week will go much smoother when you don’t have to worry about what your next meal will be.