8fit Reviews: 8fitters Share Their Honest Opinions

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Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Imagine waking up feeling well-rested when your alarm goes off and smashing an eight-minute 8fit workout before jumping in the shower. You then open the fridge to find a delicious bowl of peanut butter overnight oats waiting for you thanks to last night’s meal prep, during which you simply followed the instructions provided by your 8fit app.

After breakfast, you’re feeling energized and ready to take on the day. You breeze through your to-do list, you don’t need that second cup of coffee or a mid-morning snack, and you have a nutritious lunch waiting for you in the fridge. Even better, you aren’t feeling the back pain you used to before you made regular exercise part of your routine. You feel stronger and healthier; it’s the 8fit effect.

If your day looks like what we just described, congratulations! It sounds like you’re living healthy. But if you’re still trying to find a way to enjoy exercise, wish you had more energy, and are trying to build healthy habits for life, then turn to the following 8fit reviews for inspiration.

8 Honest 8fit reviews

We asked eight 8fitters to provide an honest opinion of the 8fit app, and they all shared how 8fit changed their lives:

Ronald Paz Ojopi

“My life has changed radically. Before 8fit, I thought it was impossible to live a healthy life without the typical strict diets that one sees on the Internet or that nutritionists give you. I also realized that the main area I had to work on wasn’t exercising, but food. I learned that cooking 8fit meals is not complicated at all. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. When I started taking care of myself, I immediately felt healthier, more energetic, more cheerful and very motivated in all aspects of my life!”

Ronald participated in our last #8fitChallenge, and in 16 weeks he transformed by changing his lifestyle and learning to take care of his body. The results speak for themselves:

Nora Days

“8fit brought joy to my life. I started using the app because I did not have time to workout as a single mum. 8fit got me back to living an active lifestyle. It’s amazing how I gained back my strength and agility. Now I no longer use it as much because I try to go to the gym, but I still maintain the Pro version because I know that I will always have workouts I can do the days I can’t make it to the gym. There’s still a lot I can do with the app — like exploring the meal plans — so I’m happy to continue.”

Brian O’Connor

“8fit has helped me learn how to cook and understand many things about the kitchen — like meal prepping. The workouts are excellent, and it’s a way of working out that I didn’t know before. I’m never going to stop eating healthy. 8fit helped me create my healthy lifestyle.”

Brian started using 8fit after realizing how much 8fit had changed his girlfriend’s life. Have a read of his 8fit review to learn how he transformed his body and created a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Melanie Nicole Gnaegi Kueffer

“8fit helped me lose 7kg since I started more than a year ago. The best thing is that 8fit is a very realistic meal plan that allows you to eat a great variety of foods and you can use it everywhere as it’s not restrictive at all. The variety of delicious recipes is incredible, I save a lot of time grocery shopping thanks to the shopping list feature in the app, and I also don’t lose much time thinking about the menu for the week.”

M Toni Ramos Manchado

“8fit has become my best friend and ally. I was tired of looking for recipes to eat every day, I know there are tons out there, but one has to keep looking for them and wasting time on it. However, with the app, which is always with you, you see everything much faster. The recipes make sense and keep you satiated; plus, they are healthy. I love the program as it made me exercise more outside, I even train both inside and outside, and I started to run. I finally lost 4kg in 2 months! I’m 48 years old, and I was feeling super weak. 8fit is wonderful. Thank you for creating it!”

Walt Bullock

“My lifestyle has changed and become healthier. I have set goals for myself and, slowly but surely, I’m working toward them, and 8fit gives me the motivation I need to be in pursuit of these goals. I do have several health issues, but 8fit has made me able to have a better life.”

Molly Kurland

“8fit helped me lose 10 pounds when I was stuck trying to do it myself. I got into a regular exercise routine and realized my favorite exercise is walking. I never counted steps before, but once I set a goal of 8,000 steps per day, I wanted to stick to it. I also learned that even though I choose healthy foods, I eat too much fruit (too much sugar) and cut it back to only two servings a day. And, I know to always pair it with protein like cheese or nuts. It was beneficial for getting nutritional advice from the coaches when I had questions.

Jenni Lipsys

“I started 8fit as a way to increase my muscle strength, increase my fitness and reduce my weight. I wanted an exercise routine that I could do at home and fit in easily with my lifestyle. I completed a 2-week free trial that came across my Facebook newsfeed. By the time the two weeks were up, I knew 8fit was going to be a good program for me. It’s helpful having access to a coach’s advice. I’ve made progress in all three of my goals thanks to 8fit.”

Want to see what the hype is all about? Sign up for 8fit and live your healthiest life.

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