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Healthy Snack Recipes

Snacking can’t make or break your wellness goals. If you follow your 8fit meal plan and stick to your proposed, healthy snacks, you’re golden. However, when tempted with grab-and-go snacks at the checkout counter or sweet delights brought in by coworkers, it’s harder to stay on track. The one bite of a salty or sweet treat can trigger old habits.

8fit’s nutritionists work hard to develop snack recipes that are healthy, fun and creative. You’ll enjoy nibbles like yogurt with fig and walnut, cherry almond “cheesecake,” lemon poppy seed energy balls, and avocado feta dip with veggies. These bites have the perfect balance of macronutrients - protein, fat, and carbs, so you avoid that sugar crash and stay satisfied in between meals. Find fun and festive snack recipes below!

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