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Healthy Lunch Recipes

It’s easy to feel tempted by unhealthy lunches when you’re preoccupied with work, school, or running from one engagement to the next. The best way to ensure you eat a healthy lunch is to make it yourself. In 8fit’s collection of healthy lunch recipes, you’ll find meals that are nutritious, a breeze to make, and easy to take on-the-go.

For free recipes, scroll through the articles below. You’ll come across satisfying salads, keto-friendly lunches, seasonal recipes, and meals you can pack in a jar and grab on your way out the door. Many of our lunch recipes are ready in just under 10-minutes, so you can even squeeze prep time into your lunch break. Enjoy a veggie burrito bowl, zucchini grilled cheese sandwich or chickpea harvest without spending an hour laboring over the stove top. For more healthy lunch recipes, download the 8fit app and get to know our recipe book.

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