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Vegan Recipes

Many of the recipes in the 8fit app are plant-based or adapted into plant-based meals with ease. All you need to do is check for dairy, eggs, and honey, then swap them out for a vegan alternative. For those of you who have been vegan for a while, you already know about the wonders of vegan cheese, dairy-free yogurt, chia eggs, and agave syrup. If you’re a vegan veteran, these 8fit articles will inform you about egg and milk substitutes that can help you create beautiful and flavorful plant-based meals at home.

The popular question we get from curious 8fitters is: Will I get enough protein? Yes! 8fit’s nutritionists spend a lot of time double-checking that each vegan or plant-based meal in the 8fit recipe book has the right amounts of protein. You’ll enjoy meals like black bean chili, Thai peanut quinoa salad, and the green smoothie power bowl. Give one of these plant-based and vegan recipes a go.

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