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Healthy Dessert Recipes

Dessert. It’s delicious and often viewed as a meal that should be enjoyed only on occasion. However, dessert doesn’t have to be just an indulgence. Our healthy dessert recipes include minimal ingredients (like our four-ingredient protein brownies) and are sweetened with natural sugars like dates, bananas, honey, and maple syrup. Many of the recipes also include carbohydrates from healthy sources like whole grains and fruits, which are paired with filling protein and contain healthy fats from coconut, nuts, and seeds.

So, if you’re looking for some sweet inspiration to bring to your next dinner party or holiday gathering, scroll through 8fit’s mouthwatering, healthy dessert recipes. You’ll find tiny treats like chocolate-tahini bites as well as silky strawberry-basil ice cream. Keep your eyes peeled as we like to give our readers regular sneak peeks into what the 8fit app has on offer when it comes to healthy dessert recipes - stay tuned as we'll feature our favorite dessert recipes here!

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