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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Not all smoothies are healthy and here’s why: Many store-bought or juice bar smoothies have high sugar content and no fiber, protein, or fat to balance it out. They’re a sugar crash waiting to happen. Lucky for you, the 8fit recipe book is packed with delicious and nutritious concoctions that leave you feeling full and energized.

The base of many of those unhealthy smoothies and shakes are fruits like banana, strawberries, and mango, with orange juice, sweetened yogurt or full-fat milk or cream swirled in. The recipes completely neglect protein or blend in highly-processed powders in, then forget the body’s need for fat and fiber to feel fullness. To make sure you’re getting the fiber macronutrients you need in a delicious, sippable beverage, try one of the 8fit smoothie recipes below. You’ll learn to add ingredients like greens, coconut oil, nut butters.

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