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Home Workouts

Finding time to workout isn’t always easy. Between work, school, or caring for your children, there’s barely any time left to make your way to a gym or fitness studio. Even if you do find the time, your wallet takes a hit paying for that gym membership or yoga class pack. Once you overcome those two major hurdles - time and money - you still have to decide what kind of exercise to do once you’re ready to start. So, what’s the solution? Home workouts, that’s what!

Exercising at home, especially the 8fit way, requires very little time and financial investment. In fact, 8fit Pro is only a fraction of the price of a gym membership and, as a bonus, doesn’t require you to travel from point A (your home) to point B (the gym) or buy any fancy equipment. Find out what the additional benefits of training at home are and give one of 8fit’s HIIT-style workouts a go. Happy sweating!

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