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Strength Training

8fit’s high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) are a great way to increase strength using nothing but your own body weight. We love these types of strength-building workouts because, in addition to requiring no equipment, they can also be completed anywhere in a short amount of time. But, HIIT workouts aren’t the only way to build strength. You can also help your muscles grow stronger with free weight exercises, cardio, stationary machines, yoga, and other forms of fitness.

If your goal is to gain muscle and you’re able to perform many bodyweight exercises with ease, we recommend adding resistance-based strength training to your regular routine. Don’t worry, lifting weights alone won’t make you bulky. However, when paired with a high-calorie, muscle-gain meal plan, it’s possible to add muscle mass. Our in-house coaches share their best strength training advice - plus sample workouts - in this collection of articles.

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