10-minute HIIT Workout: Train Like an Olympian

Written by
Emily @ 8fit
Written by
Emily @ 8fit
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It’s hard not to feel inspired by the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. As we watch athletes do the unimaginable at the highest level of competition out there, we itch to move and accomplish an Olympic feat ourselves (or, maybe that’s just us 😉).

Get moving and train like an Olympian with this high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout by 8fit’s Coaches. The exercises in this workout challenge your strength, endurance and balance, too. Here are the nine moves:

  1. Speed skaters: Imagine you’re Apolo Ohno and move fast.

  2. Lateral raises: These raises build strength needed for sports like cross country skiing.

  3. Boat: While you’re holding in boat, imagine that you’re speeding down that ice luge.

  4. Side jumps: As you jump side to side, imagine your skiing a giant slalom.

  5. One-legged warriors: Engage your core as you move through this balancing exercise. Don’t forget to channel your inner figure skater!

  6. Dips: If you want to be an Olympic curler someday, better get down with dips.

  7. Jump tucks: Skiers need strong legs and so do you. So shape up for those ski jumps.

  8. Plank shifting: Time for the skeleton! Imagining you’re moving fast down an ice luge helps these plank shifts go by faster.

  9. Dynamic squat with twist: This exercise is great for your lower body and core. Get that heart rate up as you do 180° turns and pretend you’re a freestyle snowboarder.

Not sure how to do some of these exercises? Download the 8fit app and navigate to the exercise library.

Olympic HIIT Workout

Complete 2-3 rounds of the following exercises. Move for the time or reps indicated and you’ll be feeling like an Olympian in no time.

  1. Speed skaters (fast): 20 seconds

  2. Lateral raises: 12 times

  3. Boat: 20-second hold

  4. Side jumps: 12 times

  5. One-legged warriors (overhead): 10 on each side

  6. Dips (seated knees bent): 12 times

  7. Jump tucks: 20 seconds

  8. Plank shifting: 12 times

  9. Dynamic squats with twist: 20 seconds

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