6-Move HIIT Workout to Strengthen and Sculpt

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Here’s a short sweat-inducing sequence that’ll get your heart rate up and help you stay active all year long. This effective HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routine is a full-body workout that’ll help you increase your fitness level and see more muscle tone.

During HIIT workouts, the goal is to keep your heart rate up, push to your limit, and burn a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time. Repeat the following sequence 2-4 times for time (i.e. complete 2-4 rounds as fast as possible). Remember, focus on form and quality of the movement.  You can find all exercises and alternatives in the exercise library of the 8fit app.

6-move HIIT workout

12 x Jumping jacks

  1. Stand with feet together and arms hanging down at sides

  2. Jump and swing arms up at each side

  3. Land with feet apart and hands touching above head

  4. Jump again and land in start position

12 x Squats 90°

  1. Stand straight with shoulders above hips, feet hip-width apart, toes slightly turned out

  2. Drop hips back and down; keep knees behind toes at all times and hip and ankle in line so knees don’t collapse inward

  3. Drop hip crease below parallel

  4. Drive weight into heels to stand back up to start position

12 x Side lunges

  1. Begin standing straight with feet hip-width apart

  2. Step right foot out to right side keeping toes pointing forward and stay low

  3. Shift your weight toward the right foot, bending the right knee and pushing the hips back

  4. Drive weight into right heel to straighten leg and return to start position standing with feet together

  5. Repeat on the left side, alternating legs

12 x Inch worms

  1. Stand with feet together. Keep legs straight, bend at hips and place hands on the floor directly in front of you

  2. Slowly walk hands forward, alternating your left and your right

  3. Keep walking until body is parallel to the floor in a push-up position and hold for 3 seconds

  4. Keep hands in place and slowly take short steps with your feet, moving only a few inches at a time

  5. Keep legs straight and continue walking until your feet are by your hands

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12 x Push-up

  1. Begin with hands directly under shoulders and feet slightly wider than hip-width apart on floor

  2. Step legs behind with feet together and toes curled under and lift hips keeping chest in front of hands

  3. Tense every muscle in body to form a straight line from head through heels at all times

  4. Lower chest to touch floor; keep elbows tight to body

  5. Extend arms to push body back to start position

12 x Mountain Climbers, knees to chest

  1. Place hands on floor directly under shoulders, hips lifted and extend legs with feet together and toes curled under

  2. Tense every muscle to keep body in a straight line from head through heels at all times

  3. Keep left foot straight out behind as you pull right knee in towards chest

  4. Place right foot back down behind you and pull left knee in towards chest

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