Best 10-Minute No-Equipment Abs Workout at Home

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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If you’ve been looking to get a stronger core, but you don’t have access to a gym, we’ve got an excellent at-home ab workout that you can do from the comfort of your own four walls. But first, let’s talk about how your mindset can play a role in achieving your fitness goals.

Think of “how to get a strong core” instead of “how to get a flat stomach”

Just because someone has a flat stomach doesn’t mean they’re the perfect picture of health, but it can feel like that sometimes. After all, society bombards us with this idea of skinniness being equal to healthiness, even though health comes in an array of sizes and shapes. Still, if you’re getting most of your info on TV or social media, it doesn’t always feel that way.

But, don’t fret: many of us have been down that road before by comparing ourselves to others, yo-yo dieting or spiralling into negative self-talk. Before obsessing over your body image, think about what you truly want. Do you want a flat belly because that’s what the media tells you, or would you rather benefit from a stronger core, reduced stress levels, and a healthier, happier life? If you want to improve your day-to-day life and meet your fitness goals, we have a workout you’re going to love.

Our 10-minute abs workout routine to do at home

Home workouts are a specialty at 8fit. Ab workouts are especially great to do from home because they require little space or equipment — plus, you can even do them while watching a movie or listening to a podcast.

Need something shorter? Check out this 5-minute core workout.

The no-equipment workout

As promised, we’ve included our favorite equipment-free workouts for you to try. These exercises will work your entire body, but remember to focus your attention on keeping your core engaged (even while doing movements like sidekicks and lunges). Grab a stopwatch — your smartphone, fitness band or watch are handy tools — and keep an eye on the clock as you move.

Do three rounds of the following exercises without resting in between for a seriously powerful workout. You’ll notice that there are no traditional crunches or sit-ups on our list — and that’s on purpose!

Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • Forearm plank – 1 minute

  • Sidekicks – 15 seconds right, 15 seconds left

  • Isometric V-ups – 30-second hold

  • Plank hip dips – 30 seconds

  • Walking lunges – 30 seconds

Read on to learn how to do each movement.

Forearm plank – 1 minute


  1. Place your elbows on the floor directly underneath your shoulders, keeping your forearms flat on the ground and parallel to each other. Lift your hips and step your legs out straight behind you. Keep your feet together with your toes curled under.

  2. Tense every muscle and keep your body parallel to the floor, forming a straight line from your head through to your heels.

  3. Hold this position for one minute.

Sidekicks – 15 seconds right, 15 seconds left


Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart.

  1. Shift your weight to one leg and lift your opposite knee to around the height of your hip.

  2. Lean with your torso to kick out with your heel.

  3. Return to your starting position.

Isometric V-ups – 30 seconds


  1. Start in a seated position with your knees pulled towards your chest.

  2. Release legs and extend them upwards to create a ‘V’ shape, keeping your back straight.

  3. Hold for 30 seconds.

  4. Slowly reverse the movement back to start position.

Plank hip dips – 30 seconds


  1. Place your elbows on the floor directly underneath shoulders with your forearms parallel, legs straight behind you and with feet together and toes curled underneath.

  2. Tense every muscle to keep your body in a straight line from your head to your knees.

  3. Slowly drop your right hip to the ground, then come back to your start position and repeat with your left hip.

Walking lunges – 30 seconds


  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  2. Step forward with one leg and bend at the knee to drop your hips.

  3. Descend until your rear knee nearly touches the floor, and your front knee is directly above your ankle.

  4. Drive through the heel of your lead foot and push off the rear foot to return to your start position.

Why do abs workouts at home?

The great thing about doing an abs workout at home is that you don’t need any special equipment. All you need is a little bit of time and you’ll strengthen your core and start seeing results after a few weeks of consistent workouts. We love doing ab workouts at home for many reasons, but in particular because:

  • It’s convenient. No need to make a trip to the gym if you don’t feel like it.

  • You can let it all hang out. Well, let’s just say there’s no dress code at home — you can even wear bunny rabbit slippers if you want.

  • Multi-tasking = more fun. If you like to multitask, why not try doing some ab workouts while watching TV at the same time? Time flies when you’re having fun!

  • Use your own space. From home, you can work out right on your rug or carpet — no need to share equipment like exercise mats or fitness rollers.

Want to keep training from the comfort of home? Try some of our favorite at-home workouts.

Doing an abs workout at home is a great way to strengthen your core muscles to make you feel leaner, stronger and more balanced. It’s also an excellent method to increase your skill in any sport that requires using your abdominals (hint: there are a lot of those!). Whatever your reason, you’ll find that a strong core can make a serious difference in your athletic ability.

Want more workouts just like these in your pocket? Sign up for 8fit Pro and have access to hundreds of workouts that’ll suit any busy lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling, only have limited space or you’re on a budget, 8fit’s workouts and meal plans make for a great companion.

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