How a Home Workout Plan and App Can Help You Reach Your Goals + Sample Exercises

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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One of the hardest things about exercise is getting started. After you say to yourself, “I’m ready! I’m going to start working out!”, you encounter your next big challenge and begin questioning, “But, how?!”

If this sounds like you, a home workout plan might be the answer. But, before you start scouring YouTube, Instagram and fitness magazines for workout ideas, consider a home workout app like our favorite, 8fit. 😉

The benefits of using a home workout app

When you sign up for the 8fit app, you get a personalized home workout plan suited to your current fitness level and your wellness goal (e.g., lose weight, gain muscle or get fitter). When you start to explore your customized plan, you’ll notice workout types like time intervals, paleo run, Tabata and AMRAP. Each of these workouts are high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) that aim to get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism, and bring your body into fat-burning mode.

In addition to the app planning your workouts intently, so you don’t have to, the benefits of using a home workout app don’t stop there. When you workout from the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to overthink things like…

What do I pack in my gym bag?


There’s no reason to stress about packing an entire day’s worth of goodies in your gym bag. Your sweat towel, water bottle, shower stuff, and post-workout outfit are right there in your home.

  • Which exercise class is best?Stop reading class reviews and descriptions to know if, 1. It’s a good class, and 2. If you can handle it. Simply check your app and do the next workout in your plan.

  • Will people judge me? Odds are you’re not phased by your roommates, family, children or significant other anymore — you’re past that.

  • How the heck do you use that machine?


    No equipment needed with a home workout plan like the 8fit app. If you have a yoga mat and light weights, go ahead and use them. However, the essential piece of equipment for these at-home HIIT workouts is your body.


    … the list goes on.

At-home workout app features

No matter which app you choose to use, there are a host of useful features to discover. Read on for five of our favorite workout app features.

1. Reminders

When you use an app for your home workout plan, you can easily set up reminders and push notifications so that you never miss a workout.

2. Learn the movements

Many workouts apps (incl. 8fit) have detailed descriptions of how to do specific movements. In the 8fit app, there’s also video guidance where an 8fit coach shows you exactly how to do it.

3. No planning required

A comprehensive workout plan doesn’t need any additional preparation. With 8fit, your next workout is there and ready when you are. Then, you also have access to specialized workouts like yoga and sequences that target your armscore, and legs.

4. Customize your workouts

OK, we know we just said to look for something that doesn’t require much preparation, but it’s important to consider that you might need to modify your workouts if you become injured or a muscle group is particularly sore. 8fit workouts have a handy “replace” option that allows you to change squats to an alternative exercise if needed.

5. Tracking

An app that allows you to track your progress and remembers which muscles you worked day-to-day will help you feel like you have a handle on your fitness. In addition to tracking your workouts, it’s beneficial to look for an app that allows you to log additional activities like your walk in the park, bike commute, and even your meals.

Full-body workout: At-home example

Before you invest in a home workout plan or app, give this routine a try. The full-body workout below is a HIIT workout — straight from the 8fit app — that you can do in just under ten minutes with limited space and zero equipment. Grab water, a small hand towel and get moving!

Do three rounds of the following movements:

1. Army crawl

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Reps: 10

Start in a plank position with your forearms and elbows on the floor. Crawl by doing small “steps” forward. Crawl forward with one arm and while you simultaneously step forward with the opposite foot. Count left-right as one.

2. Iron crosses

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Reps: 10

Lie on your back with arms extended out to sides at shoulder level, with your palms and lower back pressed into the floor. Raise your legs straight up, creating a 90° angle with the floor. Keep your feet together, then with control, rotate at the waist to drop your feet over to one side (close to the floor). Return to start position by contracting your abs and bringing your feet back to center. Count left-right as one.

3. Push-ups

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Reps: 5

Come into a plank position with hands directly under your shoulders and feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Tense every muscle from your head to your heels and lower your chest to touch the floor with elbows tight to your body. To complete the movement, push your body back to start position.

4. Reverse lunges

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Reps: 10

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands placed lightly behind your head or on your hips. Step back with one leg, bending the knees to drop your hips. Descend until your rear knee nearly touches the floor, and your front knee is positioned directly above the ankle. Drive through the heel of your lead foot and push off your rear foot to return to start position. Count left-right as one.

5. Squats

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Reps: 10

Stand straight with your shoulders above your hips, feet hip-width apart, and toes slightly turned out. Drop hips back and down with knees positioned behind your toes with hips and ankles in line so that your knees don’t collapse inward. Go as low as you can with a straight back and then drive weight into your heels while you stand back up to the start position.

Specialized workouts for arms, legs, and core + cardio

If you’re still not convinced that at-home workouts are effective after three rounds of the total-body routine above, we have some more workouts for you to try.

At-home arm workout

Do this HIIT-style arms and shoulders workout to strengthen and sculpt that upper body.

Strong core HIIT workout

This core workout has more than crunches and planks. Give it a go next time you’re craving some ab work.

Total-body cardio workout

This advanced HIIT workout features burpees, diamond push-ups, hollow rocks and more, making it a great cardio workout. Try it next time you doubt the effectiveness of a home workout plan.

Start your transformation todayTry 8fit now!

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