20-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Whether you’re struggling with a mild injury, feeling tired or just getting started with exercise, it’s best to keep workouts low-impact.

What is a low-impact workout

Low-impact workouts typically exclude movements like jumping, plyometrics and advanced exercises like burpees, box jumps or knee tucks.  If you’re new to exercise, rest assured that the early stages of your 8fit workout plan feature low-impact HIIT routines without high-impact, explosive movements. If you’re tired, sore or have a mild injury (but were cleared by a doctor to work out), it might be best to go back to these low-impact 8fit workouts until you’re feeling better.

Why rest is important

Let’s talk a little more about tiredness or soreness. It’s important to recognize and honor your tiredness. If you’re too tired to work out or are experiencing extreme muscles soreness (DOMS), take a day off to rest.

Rest and sleep are vital for our bodies to repair and recover. If you haven’t been giving your body that much-needed slumber, take a break from workouts to catch up on shut-eye. Lack of sleep will hinder our body’s recovery phases, plus it makes us feel irritable, feel stressed, and make poor choices with food.

Must-know: Tiredness isn’t only linked to DOMS or lack of sleep, it could also come about because of inactivity. Easing yourself back into exercising with low-impact workouts will make you feel a whole lot better.

Want to learn more about HIIT? Here's everything you need to know about HIIT Training.

20-minute low-impact HIIT workout

Now it’s time for the workout. Try this 20-minute low-impact HIIT workout to compliment your workouts in the 8fit app. If you are unsure about how to properly execute a particular movement, check for the exercise in your 8fit exercise library.

Do two rounds of the following low-impact bodyweight movements:

  1. Deep squats – 30 seconds

  2. 90* isometric squat hold – 30 seconds

  3. Deep squats – 30 seconds

  4. March in place – 60 seconds

  5. Push-ups (hands on floor) – 10 repetitions

  6. Pointers (knees on floor) – 10 repetitions (5 on each side)

  7. Dips (seated with knees bent) – 10 repetitions

  8. Inverted plank – 30 seconds

  9. Hyperextensions – 5 repetitions

  10. Swimmers – 10 repetitions (5 on each side)

  11. Inchworm – 5 repetitions

  12. Bob and weave – 30 seconds

This full-body low-impact workout is the perfect way to help you get active, lose fat, and build strength. It’s specifically designed to help those who spend a lot of time sitting feel better, as it includes exercises which mobilize the spine and strengthen the core and back. Moreover, it’s also great for those with knee injuries as there is no jumping required.

To work out any time, anywhere and keep progressing towards your goals, sign up for 8fit. 

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