Week 9: Say Goodbye to Temptations

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Welcome to week 9 of the #8fitChallenge! You’re more than halfway there which means many of you are starting to see noticeable physical results — even if they’re small. 

What’s truly amazing is that for those seeing only small physical changes, you’re not down on yourselves. You’re still motivated because you are noticing positive changes like increased energy levels and healthier habits.  Speaking of habits, this week is all about controlling temptations.  

Up until now, you’ve been consistent with eating healthy and have learned to listen to your body. To sustain this healthy lifestyle (and happiness), allow yourself the occasional reward. Yes, we said it! One meal or treat will not unravel all your hard work.  Don’t feel guilty — just enjoy it.

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Weekly challenge

What is your temptation? Post a photo or a video of your temptation and tag #8fitChallenge and #8fit in the caption.

We’ll select 1 random winner for the weekly 8fit prize pack from photos shared starting at 12:01 am PST June 4, 2018, and ending at 11:59 pm PST June 10, 2018. Winner announced June 11, 2018!

See you Thursday for our live 8fit workout!

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