Losing Weight After 50: 6 Easy Tips

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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If you’re trying to lose weight after 50, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as impossible as the media makes it seem. We often hear that our metabolisms will slow, that we’ll have less energy and we’ll lose strength. Although there’s some truth to these claims, it’s certainly no reason to assume that it can’t be done.

When it comes down to it, losing weight after 50 requires the same techniques a different than losing it at 30. The basics are still the same, but with a little extra precaution thrown in. We’ll show you how you can do it on your own – after the go-ahead of your primary care physician, of course.

The truth about losing weight after 50

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average person loses between five to ten percent of their muscle mass each decade after they reach the age of 50. Having a lower amount of muscle mass usually correlates with having a slower metabolism, so that’s why you may feel that you can’t eat the way you used to when you were in your twenties.   You can’t reverse aging, but you can learn to work with it rather than against it and even enjoy the process. And if losing weight after 50 is a priority of yours, these tips can help you reach your goal:

Strength train

How to deal with declining muscle mass? Build more muscle! Make weight training a regular part of your workouts to help you feel more like your “old self.” We’re not trying to say that you’ll have a better metabolism than ever before, but at least you can do your best to maintain the metabolism you’ve always had.

Go for exercises that are easy on the joints  

Working out doesn’t have to be all explosive movements and jumps. Low impact exercise can be just as effective yet more comfortable on the joints (and less noisy for your neighbors!) Examples of some low-impact exercises include dips, squats, push-ups and plank. Thankfully, none of those exercises require equipment (other than a chair), so they’re affordable for any budget.

Try a new sport

It’s never too late to learn a sport. If you watched tennis and remarked to yourself how fun it looks, then why not give it a go? Your body will thank you, and probably your mind, too. After all, there’s nothing like finding a workout that’s challenging but also fun – it’ll completely change the way you look at exercise, perhaps making it less of a chore to something that you look forward to.

Start walking

You’ve probably heard it all the time, but walking is good for the body and soul. For some of us, walking is therapeutic – it allows us to clear our minds, think things through and let off some steam. If you’re prone to boredom, try downloading an interesting podcast that will make the time zoom by. Or, create a playlist of songs you love – do whatever floats your boat.

Go swimming

For those trying to lose weight after 50, swimming may be the ultimate exercise. Swimming is an excellent activity for all ages, but it’s especially beneficial for older adults, as it’s easy on the joints, increases flexibility, builds strength and improves heart health. In addition to being a serious calorie-burner, it can also be a social activity that can improve your mood.

Eat well

Eating well is a must if you want to lose weight. After all, your diet adds up to around 80 percent of the results you’ll see. The combination of exercise and proper nutrition is paramount if you want lasting effects. Here are some of our top nutrition tips for losing weight after 50:

  • Cook at home: If your kids have already flown the nest and you’ve been relying on the convenience of takeout and delivery more than before, you may want to get back into cooking at home. After all, dining out or delivery can add up in costs as well as calories.

  • Stock up on produce: These foods are full of vitamins and minerals and usually high in fiber and low in calories – in other words, they’ll help you feel full, but you won’t have to spend many calories on them.

  • Opt for whole grains: By making simple changes in your diet, like switching from white rice to brown rice, you can feel fuller and more energized for longer. Another favorite is quinoa which has a nutty flavor and interesting texture that we love. You could also mix up your carbs by eating a healthy baked potato or sweet potato instead of the usual grains.

  • Eat plenty of fiber: Fiber is essential for digestion, and good digestion is what rids your body of toxins and keeps you, well, regular. Once you start reaching your 60s and 70s, you may begin to experience constipation more often. Many reasons could cause this, one being that people tend to take more medications as they age, and also that they tend to be more sedentary, which can slow down the digestion process.

Losing weight after 50 with 8fit

If you feel like you need help losing weight after 50, we recommend giving 8fit a go. Our health and fitness app helps build habits that can improve your life at any age. We prefer a slow and steady approach to health and wellness, that’s why our app is based on making small changes in your everyday life.

With over 700 healthy recipes to choose from and workouts that can bring you closer to your goals, our app makes losing weight after 50 a walk in the park.

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