6 of Our Favorite LGBTQI+ Trainers on Instagram Right Now

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8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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When you think of a fitness trainer, who comes to mind? A peppy blonde lady? A buff bro grunting in the corner of the gym?

You’re not wrong for thinking that. After all, those are the types of people you tend to see portrayed on television, in movies, and advertising. But the reality is there are many trainers out there who are less-represented, yet just as skilled.

One group of underrepresented trainers that come to mind are members of the LGBTQI+ community, who continue to persevere despite homophobia and transphobia (among other -isms like racism, ableism, and sexism) that’s still present in the fitness world to this day. They inspire us not only because of their openness, but also simply because they’re excellent at what they do. 

We’ve selected six trainers' Instagram accounts that motivate us to keep training and never to give up. So the next time you need a little push to get in a workout and you want to see yourself represented, take a look at their pages and see if you don’t feel inclined to get moving!

6 LGBTQI+ trainers to look out for


What’s better than dogs, incredible greenery, and exercise? Not much, as far as we’re concerned. Add personal trainer Em to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

They’re the owner of Bodysync Co, a health and wellness studio that aims to be Brisbane’s most inclusive space for the LGBTQI+ community and its supporters. Pup lovers will be happy to know that Em’s dogs, Mushu and Bartok, cheer visitors on at their space.

Coach Cam

From the moment you venture to Coach Cam’s page, you can’t help but notice her beaming smile and sense that she’s a positive, friendly person. She’s not only a fitness coach but also co-owner of Pioneer’s Nutrition in Austin, Texas, where you can get healthy protein shakes and teas made fresh to order. Follow her for account for workouts with a dose of cheer.

River Eastwood

Trainer, designer, and business owner River Eastwood is a proud trans man whose openness and sincerity strikes a chord with us. He’s the brains behind River Runs Wild, a website and blog home to a variety of content, including his transition journal, training programs, and workouts. Check it out for some serious inspiration.

Mar Keller 

Mar Keller is the mastermind behind Q Grit Fitness, which offers body-positive & gender-affirming personal training for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in Brooklyn. We love the punk, DIY attitude of this venture, and we hope to see more progressive spaces like this one spring up in the future. 

Q Grit’s website states that it was “...founded to give queer bodies visibility in the fitness world, and break the norms of what ‘fitness’ looks like in the mainstream world.” Right on!

Anthony Cushion

London personal trainer Anthony Cushion offers thoughtful posts and kind-hearted content that leaves us feeling hopeful about the coming generations. With captions including everything from fitness tips to uplifting stories and anecdotes, Anthony’s social media presence is one full of youth, positivity, and heart.

Speaking of positivity... Take a look at our article on body positivity to see where we stand.

Nkacy Douglas 

Nkacy Douglas oozes confidence and cool, and it’s pretty clear to us that she knows what she’s doing. This NYC personal trainer organizes an array of boot camps, including her body hack classes that combine endurance and strength training. Her posts are usually short but sweet, with workouts peppered in along no-nonsense inspiration that will want to get you off the couch and into your workout clothes!

Fitness is for everyone 

We know that fitspo can often feel toxic, but it doesn’t always have to be. Some parts of social media can actually be inspiring, and offer people a chance to see that there are other people like them, and that life isn’t just one prescribed way of being. 

So if something is holding you back from giving it a try, we are here to tell you that you can do it, no matter how you look, where you come from, your sexual orientation or your gender. With the new year fast approaching, instead of getting down, lift yourself up with positive accounts like the ones above.

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Featured photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

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