Weekly Recipe: Watermelon-Banana Shake

Written by
Jenne @ 8fit
Written by
Jenne @ 8fit
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There’s nothing better than watermelon in the summertime. Well, actually, something that might be just a touch better is this watermelon smoothie recipe you can find in the 8fit recipe book. Combined with banana and peanut butter, this smoothie has the protein, carbs and healthy fats you need to stay full until your next meal.

Banana and watermelon smoothie benefits

Banana and watermelon make a delicious and nutritious pair that’ll also satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some additional benefits of this fruity pair:

  • Watermelon is known as a hydrating fruit, but is also rich in vitamin A which is a fat-soluble vitamin. For the optimal absorption, vitamin A needs to be consumed with fat (like the peanut butter we added to this watermelon smoothie recipe).

  • Banana is sweet like watermelon, satisfying your sugar cravings even more. But, even though it’s natural sugar, it’s still sugar. It’s important to balance a fruit-filled snack with healthy protein and fat to slow the absorption of sugar and keep blood sugar levels at bay. Another benefit of bananas is the potassium content. If you work out regularly, the potassium found in banana will help to shorten recovery time.

Benefits of peanut butter

Do you fancy peanut butter as much as we do? We decided to add it to our watermelon and banana shake not only because it tastes good, but because it makes your smoothies more nutrient-dense. Be sure to buy your peanut butter plain without any added sugar or flavorings. Here are some benefits of peanut butter:

  • Rich source of protein: One serving size of peanut butter (approximately 2 tablespoons), has around 8g of protein

  • Low-carb: The same serving size of peanut butter (2 tablespoons) has around 6g of carbs, making it a relatively low-carb source of protein and fat. 

  • Contains healthy fats: Peanut butter is mostly comprised of fat, but good ones like oleic acid, a healthy type of monounsaturated fat, and omega-6s.

  • Vitamin-rich: Peanut butter contains a range of vitamins including vitamin E, niacin, magnesium, manganese, and copper.

OK, I think we shared enough reasons for you to give this shake a try. Get blending!

Watermelon and banana smoothie recipe

5 min450 kcal


  • 1 cup watermelon (diced) (~5 oz)
  • 1 banana (~4 oz)
  • 1 ½ cup almond milk (or milk of your preference) (~13 oz)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (plain, without added sugar) (~1 oz)
  • ½ tsp cinnamon


  1. Peel and cut bananas.
  2. Cut watermelon into chunks and remove seeds.
  3. Place the fruits with the peanut butter and the milk of your preference in a blender.
  4. Mix until smooth. Pour into a glass and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  5. Et voilà!

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