Learn to Make Healthy Home-Cooked Meals: 8fit Mini Challenge

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8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Next week marks the 11th week of the ongoing 8fit Challenge and the theme is portion control. To help participants get a handle on portion sizes, we will teach you how to use the best tool out there: your hands!

To make sure challengers understand portion control, they’ll be tasked with sharing a photo of their favorite 8fit recipe. In an effort to make the entire 8fit community feel included, we’re running a 5-day mini challenge and rewarding them with a 1-year 8fit Pro membership. All you need to do to win is post one photo per day of a healthy home-cooked meal. If you already have a Pro membership, we’ll extend yours one year from the expiration date.

Challenge details

To participate in this mini challenge, post at least one 8fit recipe photo on your Instagram page per day (Monday through Friday). Your photo must be of an 8fit meal you cooked yourself and the caption must include the hashtag, #8fitRecipe. The winner will be selected at random, so the more photos you post the better.

The official start date of this challenge is Monday, June 18, and the end time is Friday, June 22 at 12 pm PST. We’ll select a random winner on Monday, June 25.

8fit recipes to try

If you’ve used 8fit Pro before or if you have a Pro account currently, you’re probably familiar with your 8fit meal plan and the 8fit recipe book. Follow your meal plan during this 5-day mini challenge and post at least one meal photo per day on Instagram to be eligible to win one year of Pro. Here are some home-cooked meal ideas if your curated meal plan isn’t cutting it:

If you don’t have an 8fit Pro account now, you can sign up for a trial or find some free recipes on our website. We love these mini frittatas, this chickpea and avocado sandwich and this homemade pesto for pasta. 

How to use your hands for portion control

What’s great about using the 8fit app for recipes is that meals are perfectly portioned to fit your goal — whether that be to lose weight, maintain your current weight or gain muscle. If you don’t have a Pro account and are following the recipes on our website, forget measuring cups, scales, and teaspoons, because your hands are the best tool out there for measuring portion sizes.

Here are some basic guidelines for measuring different food groups with your hands:

  • Protein: Your palm

  • Carbs: A cupped hand

  • Veggies: Your clenched fist

  • Healthy fats: Your thumb

Give these pointers a try. We can’t wait to see your healthy 8fit recipes on Instagram! Challenge starts Monday, June 18, and ends Friday, June 22 at 12 pm PST. We’ll select a random winner on Monday, June 25.

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