Week 11: Get a Handle on Portion Control

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Hi, 8fitters! Welcome to week 11 of the #8fitChallenge. During week 10, you focused on hydration and this week you’ll focus on portion control. 

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How to properly measure portions

One of the first big challenges when it comes to healthy eating is getting a handle on portions. To make things easier, we’d like to introduce you to the best portion control tool around… your hands!

What’s great about your hands is that they are proportionate to your body and can help identify personal portion sizes. Here’s how to measure:

  • Protein: Your palm

  • Carbs: A cupped hand

  • Veggies: Your fist

  • Healthy fats: Your thumb

As a general rule of thumb, women should use one hand to measure portions and men should use both hands. But, as with any meal planning, figure out what works for you and listen to your body.

Weekly challenge

By now, you’ve probably tried a few different 8fit recipes. This week’s challenge is to post a photo or a video of your favorite 8fit meal and tag #8fitChallenge and #8fit in the caption.

Bonus challenge! We’re giving one special 8fitter a chance to win a 1-year Pro membership by cooking at least one 8fit recipe per day (Monday through Friday).  Post a photo of your finished product on Instagram and use the additional hashtag, #8fitRecipe in your caption. Don’t have a Pro account now? Find recipes here.

Tune in next Monday on Instagram for the weekly winner and we’ll see you Thursday for our live 8fit workout!

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