What’s in an 8fit Coach’s Fridge

Ever wonder what your favorite trainer or nutritionist has in their fridge? Is it secretly stocked with Girl Scout cookies or is it all healthy, all of the time? Well, we went ahead and asked our 8fit coaches to share that valuable and interesting information plus photographic proof.


What’s in a dietitian’s fridge

8fit’s in-house dietitian, Lisa Booth, R.D., shared a fridge stocked with healthy sources of protein, veggies and premade whole wheat pasta. “On a normal week, I like to have greens like arugula, legumes like chickpeas, and veggies like broccoli and carrots in my fridge,” she explained. “When I have fresh veggies available, I’m more inspired to add them to all my meals.” You’ll also notice a bottle of bubbly in the corner — perfect for celebrating.


What’s in Coach Alice’s fridge

Coach Alice is always full of energy and it’s clear why. Her refrigerator is typically stocked with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and healthy sources of protein and fat. Aside from stocking up on fresh veggies form the farmer’s market, Alice likes to grab essentials like oats, coconut milk, raw cacao, tuna, Greek yogurt, and eggs at the grocery store.


“I bought oats, raw cacao, Greek yogurt and coconut milk to make overnight oats. The raw cacao makes it nice and chocolatey while also adding extra iron,” Alice told us. “I usually make enough on Sunday to last me until Thursday or Friday and I mix up the toppings throughout the week. This week I’ll alternate between raspberries and pomegranate seeds.”

Alice also likes to have potatoes on hand for baked potato during the week and the eggs are perfect to scramble or bake into a frittata.

What’s in our #8fitChallenge coach’s fridge?

Coach Marife, the head coach for the ongoing #8fitChallenge, prepared for a week’s worth of low-carb eating with loads of veggies and protein. As a pescatarian, Marife gets most of her protein from tofu, salmon, and different beans. You’ll also see that her fridge is full of yogurt and unsweetened, plain almond milk (“almond-mandel,” here in Berlin).

“I like to have a lot of veggies on hand at the beginning of the week to make lunch and dinner preparation easy,” Marife explained. “Stir-fry dishes and tofu scrambles are very common weeknight meals in my house.”

What’s in Coach Alba’s fridge

This is what Coach Alba’s fridge looks like before an afternoon of meal prep – hello, veggies! In the freezer, you’ll see frozen spinach, bananas, and berries which are perfect for quick smoothies during the week. In addition to frozen berries, Alba tells us, “I also like to keep cottage cheese and fresh berries in my fridge at all times because they make the best snack.”


So, what will she do with all of those veggies? “Fresh veggies pair beautifully with salmon and other proteins I eat during the week,” she said. To which we replied, “When can we come over for dinner?”

Does your fridge look anything like our coaches’? Share your healthy fridge pics with us on social media.