A Week in the Life: Coach Alba’s Fitness and Nutrition Journal

Have you ever wondered what a normal week is like for an 8fit coach? As you can imagine healthy eating and regular workouts are always involved — this is especially true for 8fit’s Coach Alba.

In this edition of  “A Week in the Life,” Alba shares what a normal work week looks like for her including meals, workouts and other healthy habits.


I just arrived in Berlin after our one-month-long 8fit retreat in Thailand. I’m hungry and my fridge is empty, but I’m thankful that I always keep a set of long-lasting “survival” foods at home: whey protein, oatmeal, nuts, peanut butter, tahini, canned chickpeas and rice crackers.

Not only do these foods keep for months without refrigeration, but they’re nutritious and you can eat them uncooked. I make myself a bowl of porridge with oats, vanilla whey protein and peanut butter. Delicious!

Although I’m super tired after a 13-hour flight, I drag myself to the supermarket before it closes to buy some basics to get me through Sunday and the start of the week. I buy eggs, avocado, bananas, canned tuna, salmon, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, lemons, sweet potato, beets and quark (a popular German dairy product similar to Greek yogurt or cottage cheese). This will be enough for three full days.


I wake up excited to finally cook after a month eating out in Thailand. My breakfast consists of 2 fried eggs with ⅓ avocado, tomatoes and some fresh jackfruit I bought in Bangkok before boarding my flight.

I’m still jet-lagged and too tired to go anywhere for a workout but I have a pull-up bar at home and I do some pull-ups while I unpack my backpack. I do four sets of four pull-ups, with two-minute breaks in between sets to rest and unpack. I love pull-ups because they work so many different muscle groups — they’re hard, but they’re worth the effort.

It took me a long time to be able to do a single pull-up, so I like to do them at least once a week to maintain my strength. My goal this year is to be able to do ten or more pull-ups in a row (right now I’m able to do six). I know I’ll reach my goal if I practice!


At 9am, it’s time to go to the 8fit head office and get back into my Berlin routine. I pack my food for the day and my sports bag so I don’t make any excuses. I want to get back to my regular workouts as soon as possible.

I have tuna salad for lunch, which I’ll admit isn’t the best looking lunch but it’s made of wholesome, filling foods – that’s all my body needs.


After work, I go to the CrossFit box and we do the 18.3 open workout. It’s 14 minutes of…

  • 100 single-unders (rope jumps)
  • 20 overhead squats (15kg)
  • 100 single-unders
  • 12 pull-ups
  • 100 single-unders
  • 20 dumbbell snatches (10kg)
  • 100 single-unders
  • 12 pull-ups

I feel a bit dizzy during the workout but manage to finish it and log 687 reps. I remember that I barely drank any water during the day and I had 3 cups of coffee (hello jet-lag!). I definitely have to start tracking my water intake again until it becomes a habit like it was before going to Thailand. Crazy how easily can one lose a habit.


My breakfast today is banana and cinnamon pudding – oh, how I missed this one! The recipe is from the 8fit recipe book (sign up here). Simply crack two eggs in a bowl, mix them with a mashed banana, add some cinnamon and microwave everything for 1-2 minutes. Whenever someone at the 8fit office watches me prep this one mixing raw eggs with banana in a bowl they usually give me a weird, grossed-out look. But, then they try it and love it. Tastes like banana pancakes in a bowl — promise. 😊


My lunch today is tuna salad. I know, I know – it’s exactly the same as yesterday. On busy days, I follow the BBH rule: “Boring but healthy.” Today’s workout at the CrossFit box started with  mobility exercises as a warm-up, bench presses for the strength part (37.5kg, three times), and finished off with a metabolic conditioning routine. The conditioning workout was five, 2-minute rounds of…

  • 15 wall balls
  • 10 burpees
  • Thrusters with 25kg until the 2 minutes are over
  • 3-minute rest

Today, scores are calculated by the total number of thrusters you manage to do during the 5 rounds. I manage to do 28 reps — so exhausting! These kinds of workouts really take me out of my comfort zone, but nobody said that improving your fitness would be easy!

For dinner, I eat out at a Mexican restaurant with a friend – tacos and margaritas it is! I rarely eat out during the week and instead save eating out for the weekend but today I trained hard and wanted to treat myself. When you eat healthy most of the time it’s OK to fuel your body with a different type of meal from time to time, especially if it’s for a good reason like spending quality time with friends.


I wake up refreshed after seven hours of sleep and start my day with a bowl of oatmeal, quark, flax seeds, almonds and half an apple. I drink my first 2 liters of water for the day – keeping me full until lunch time.

Today’s session at my CrossFit box consists of a 10-minute mobility warm-up and front squats for the strength part. I end up squatting five sets of two reps with 47.5kg. The workout of the day is as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of…

  • 18 power cleans with 30kg
  • 24 handstand push-ups

I manage to do two full rounds of the circuit plus three additional power cleans. I love how workouts like this push me beyond the limits that I usually create for myself. I go home with the biggest smile and remember that I definitely work out because of the positive feeling I get after workouts like this.


Thursday is usually my rest day but a friend asks me to go to yoga after work and I’m very bad at saying “no” to people. Yoga is always a good way for me to move my body as it incorporates flexibility and balance into my routine – which is something I need especially after three consecutive days of CrossFit. Besides, it helps me finish the day with a relaxed mindset.


Once at home, I turn on the oven on to bake a sweet potato and veggies. While the veggies are roasting, I make hummus. Having side dishes prepped makes it easy to quickly throw together a wholesome meal. I’ll combine the veggies with protein (usually fish or some eggs) and some healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, avocado) over the next couple of days.


I always start my Fridays with a doubles tennis match with some 8fit colleagues. I have to admit, I’m a bit competitive. As a result, the outcome of the match usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Today we win so I’m happy and productive at work. I love the sense of accomplishment sports gives me, which is why I usually work out in the mornings (except for this week because I’ve been feeling jet-lagged). Exercise makes me feel stronger and better about myself.

Now I’m ready for the weekend!