Coach Amé

Amé has always juggled in between the world of art and sport. After getting a degree in graphic design and applied arts in 2005, Amé moved on to study kinesiology at the University of Montreal in Canada. While studying she also became a Reebok Cycling instructor, LesMills BODYPUMP instructor and 100 Level TRX instructor.

From her years working at a women’s fitness center in Montreal, Amé gained valuable experience helping other women lose weight and feel better.

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My fitness philosophy

I believe in empowerment! My goal as a fitness coach is to help others become stronger and more confident in managing their own lifestyle. I encourage my clients to eat healthy and get active while enjoying life to its fullest. Being healthy is all about balance, not boredem. I believe it is easier to achieve our fitness goals when we have fun trying to reach them.

My story

When I was younger, I practiced martial arts, soccer, and even figure skating. But it wasn’t until I got to college that I found my true life passion: aerobic training.

In college, I had my first experience with gyms. I had no idea what to do with all of those machines and weights, so I took aerobics classes instead. After being very consistent with my training, I noticed my body getting leaner, stronger, more athletic and more powerful. I loved it! This is when I realized that I wanted to help others experience the same great feeling I did.

I decided to become an instructor and devote my professional life to health and fitness. I am committed to helping others improve their quality of life through physical activity, injury prevention (and management), the prevention of chronic disease, and the overall enhancement of health and performance. As a kinesiologist, it’s important for me to apply the latest evidence-based research in my practice. I aim to always adapt to my students, because each person and experience is a work of art in itself.

Fun facts

You’re a mom! How that impact your healthy lifestyle?

I had my first baby, a beautiful and healthy girl, in April 2017. Being a mom has changed my life for the best, but staying on top of things is not always easy. With a little bit of work, I found fitness and nutrition strategies that work well for me and my family, so that we can make the most of life.

As a new mom, my goal is to lead by example and to teach her what it means to be healthy. I think that showing my daughter how to eat well and move for fun is one of the best gifts I can give her.

3 words to describe yourself:

Generous. Creative. Resourceful.

What is your favorite exercise?

Deadlifts, they’re great to improve posture. But, be careful — you need the correct form to avoid injury!

What is your favorite food?

I have a sweet tooth. Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream… and melted aged cheddar on top. I know it sounds strange, but don’t knock it until you try it.

What healthy habit do you value most? 

Meal prepping is a must and I’m happy it was part of my lifestyle before I had my daughter. Soon she’ll start eating the same foods as us, which will make meal prep even easier.

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What is your favorite workout song?

I can’t pick just one song because I love every type of music. That said, lately, I’m into drum and bass music and am listening to Amon Tobin.

A question about motherhood: When did you start exercising again post-baby?

I waited a while before exercising post-baby and I’m glad I did. I felt that I needed to rest and give my body the chance to adjust. No rush, right? It took more than 9 months for my body to work its magic, so I give my body at least 9 months to recover from giving birth.

I started to train slowly to make sure my abdominals and pelvic floor muscles were ready for my favorite high-intensity workouts. 8fit workouts are a big part of my routine as a new mom. I don’t have much time to train, so I spend that time doing intense workouts that take 20 minutes or less.