Best Workout Playlists from the 8fit Coaches Themselves

Have you been looking for new music to breathe life into your exercise regimen? Or is your workout playlist looking a little dusty? If that’s the case, you’re in for a real treat today. Our very own 8fit coaches have kindly agreed to share their favorite workout playlists for your enjoyment.

Each of our coaches has different musical preferences, so we’re sure you’ll find something here that will get your heart pumping. From hip hop to indie and electronic, our coaches’ workout music playlists cover all the bases. Best of all? All of the mixes are Spotify workout playlists so you can listen on your smartphone, laptop or tablet!

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Coach Marife’s Hip-Hop Workout

Full of hip-hop beats you know, plus some you might not, Coach Marife’s hip-hop workout playlist that brings us back in time to the days when Missy Elliot was a constant on the radio. Beginning with Missy herself, this mix has ups, downs, and side to sides that are ideal for a vigorous workout. Warning! There’s some explicit content in this one. 🎶

Coach Marife’s High-Energy Workout Playlist

If you prefer your exercise playlist to go across genres, this energizing playlist will not disappoint. Vibe to everything from dance to hip-hop, EDM and pop as you break a sweat to the beat.

Emily’s Yoga Playlist

8fit yoga teacher Emily made a playlist that’s perfect for when you want to do some restorative stretching or a yoga flow on your own. Whether you’re just beginning your day or unwinding after work, this is one you may wish to revisit again and again.

Coach Ame’s Workout Playlist

From ’90s hits to progressive house classics, Coach Ame’s mix is an energetic blend of songs that’ll keep you on your toes (literally!). Electronic music takes center stage here, with artists like Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers making an appearance. Drop what you’re doing, put on some workout gear and tune in to this mix while you work up a sweat.

Coach Lisa’s Indie Dance Cooking Playlist

Coach Lisa is an advocate of meal prepping and healthy cooking at home, and she made a playlist perfect for the occasion. Funky dance songs meet indie-pop anthems in this collection — some electronic goodies show up, too. Not just for cooking, this playlist also features some good workout songs to get your heart rate up.

Coach Alice’s Upbeat HIIT Playlist

If you’re looking for something energizing, Coach Alice’s workout playlist is a surefire way to get you sweating. This mix is full of twists and turns, catchy pop melodies and smooth electronic beats that go exceptionally well paired with one of 8fit’s HIIT exercises.

Coach Alba’s Meal Prep Vibes Playlist

Coach Alba’s workout playlist clocks in at almost exactly one hour, making it perfect for a meal prep session. Including everything from modern pop and indie to cheerful 80s classics. Curious how her typical meal prep sesh looks? Here’s how her typical routine looks:

  1. Make some hummus
  2. Wash and halve brussels sprouts and roast them in the oven
  3. Do a batch of squash and purple onions
  4. Boil a head of broccoli
  5. Make a batch of banana bread

Alba explains, “The first tracks are happy and perfect for chopping vegetables and getting in the meal prepping mood. The last songs will help you cheer up while cleaning up the mess you made in the kitchen.”

Just push play

Jazz up your meal prep session, workouts or even a neighborhood walk with our coaches’ workout playlists. Try one of the faster-paced mixes while doing an 8fit HIIT workout and let go of your daily stress as you dive into a fun workout routine. When it comes to exercise, music can really make a difference!

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