Best Grocery List App Features to Help Plan Your Meals

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8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Ever go to the grocery store to pick up one ingredient but leave with a hundred different things you don’t need? We feel you there. When it comes to losing or gaining weight, a grocery list app can make a big difference in your shopping experience — it can even help you avoid making food choices you might otherwise regret.

No matter your aim, whether it’s to feel healthier and more energized, gain muscle or tone up, your nutrition plays a significant role in your ability to reach your goals. If you want to see real results, making your meals at home is very important. A grocery list app can help.

Why a grocery list app can help you meet your goals

A grocery list app can help point you in the right direction when you’re out shopping for healthy groceries to eat during the week. If you go in unprepared, chances are you’ll leave with either too little or too much. Plus, if you shop while hungry, you might end up with a trunk full of junk food that you didn’t originally intend on buying. What can we say? It happens to the best of us.

To prevent this common problem, we recommend planning your meals for the week ahead of time so that you feel confident as you navigate the many temptations your local grocery store has to offer. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your grocery list app:

  • Make a meal plan for your week first. Take your work lunches and snacks into account.

  • Stick to the list. If you didn’t add the ingredient to your app list, take it out of your cart.

  • Shop the perimeter! When making your list, try to think about the ingredients you find on the perimeter of most supermarkets — think fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and fresh cheese — go for the quality stuff without additives! Try to avoid the aisles in the middle, as their shelves are usually full of processed foods.

5 Key benefits of a grocery list app

If you’re in the market for a grocery list app, 8fit may be just what you’re looking for. Now we’ll dive into our favorite benefits of the app, and you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

  • It makes meal planning a breeze. You’ll get over 700 different recipes tailored to that you can add to your weekly planner. If you don’t find the recipe you’re looking for, you can log recipes of your own and even include a picture to document what you had.

  • You can change your portion sizes with ease. No need to make complicated calculations if you wish to make all of your lunches for a week or you want to make a big dinner for friends and loved ones.

  • You’ll have a grasp of your week ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to conceptualize your future meals and think up what sort of ingredients you’ll need for the week. With 8fit, you can plan out your entire week (or just a few days) ahead of time and view the upcoming meals an aesthetically pleasing weekly calendar — ah, don’t you love pictures of delicious food?

  • No more stressing about what you need to buy. Instead, 8fit does the calculations for you. The app takes into account which meals you plan to eat during the week, and it will add up exactly what you need for the week. For those who get easily distracted by all the options in the supermarket, this grocery list app will keep you focused on the foods you need to buy.

  • Plan for snacks, too! Although the term’ may make it seem like you should just be planning for meals, you can also plan your. We think that’s extra important because unhealthy snacks can throw you way off track.

Benefits of the 8fit shopping list feature

Here are some unique selling points of the 8fit grocery list function:

  • Check off the items you’ve already purchased on your in-app list.

  • Like having a physical list in your hand? No problem. Just email the list to yourself and print it out to take it with you the old-fashioned way. 8fit includes a button you can select to that sends an email directly to the email you use to log into the app.

  • Choose which days of the week you’d like to shop for. If you’re the type of person who prefers to go shopping every couple of days, select two or three days to plan. Or, maybe you prefer to do a big weekly shop — in that case, choose the entire calendar week.

Make technology work for you

If going shopping and meal planning feel like chores to you, consider a grocery list app that will make eating healthy easy and enjoyable. The process can be a lot of fun if you have the right tools at your disposal, especially with a grocery list app like 8fit.

It’s so much more than a grocery list app — it’s also a one-stop shop for all things health and fitness-related. There’s something for just about every fitness goal, whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or to feel better. You’ll find everything from yoga to HIIT and everything else in between.

Healthy living isn’t all about how you look and how “fit” you are. It can also be a way to treat yourself with benefits that spill over into your everyday life. Working out helps to relieve stress, boost confidence and release endorphins. Alongside the right foods and nourishment, you’ll be doing your body a serious favor.

Treat yourself to 8fit Pro and get started on your journey right away.

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