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Should I Work Out Every Day?

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Here’s a question that we get all the time from 8fitters: Should I work out every day? While it might seem that the answer would be a straightforward “yes” or “no”, it’s actually quite complicated. But also simple. Let us go on…

No, you shouldn’t do the same workout every day

If you’re asking if you should do a HIIT workout or same weighted routine every day, then the answer is no. Doing the exact same workout two or more days in a row doesn’t allow the muscles time to recover and get stronger. Repeating a workout on consecutive days can cause your body – and mind – to fatigue and grow tired (read: bored) of the workout, without seeing benefits like muscle growth.

Instead, mix up your routine. For example, do HIIT workouts 3-4 times per week and add strength, cardio and stretching workouts on the days in between. This variety is good for the body and it’s a great way to prevent boredom.

Rest up to level up

Rest and recovery are just as important as daily movement. This time off gives your body and muscles time to repair, which, helps you reach your goals faster. But if you’re worried about the days off, factoring rest into your your routine doesn’t have to mean “do nothing.” If your training routine includes muscle-group focused workouts, on the days your leg muscles rest, you can do an arm-focused strength workout. If you’re doing primarily full-body HIIT, like many of the workouts in the 8fit app, your rest days should feature active recovery, like the low-impact cardio of going for a brisk walk. So you can still give your muscles the rest they need while moving your body on a daily basis to help improve your overall health.

This “active recovery” can take other forms as well. Have some fun and learn a new sport or skill on your rest days, like hiking, yoga, cycling or a team sport like tennis. These are fun ways to keep moving without over-exerting yourself.

Listen to your body

Some days, your body might say “heck, no” to active recovery and that’s A-OK. If you’ve already done five days’ worth of workouts during the week and you’re feeling run down, take a day off from performing any physical activity – you deserve it! Especially if your body is asking for the complete rest. On the flip side, if you did five days worth of workouts but still wake up feeling energized, it’s a great opportunity to try something new and move in a way you don’t normally move.

It’s all about balance

If you are an 8fitter, I recommend that you find balance between cardio, flexibility and resistance training during the week. The HIIT workouts in your 8fit fitness program incorporate resistance and cardio. You’ll also find yoga workouts that help improve flexibility. You can also use the app to log add any activities you do outside of the app (i.e. running, walking, hiking, biking, dance etc.).

In the end, it’s about moving someway, anyway on a daily basis. So get out there and get active while still respecting your body’s need for rest.

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