Great Ways to Get Moving: 8fit Coaches’ Favorite Workouts

If you’ve ever done an 8fit workout, you’re familiar with our different high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout sessions like reps, timed intervals, Tabata and paleo runs. Here at 8fit we truly believe that HIIT workouts are one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals, but they aren’t the only way to move.

To motivate you to get out there and try new kinds of exercise, we asked our coaches to share their favorite ways they like to move. Read on to learn what they said.

Brisk walks for better health and exploration

Coach Lisa is a big advocate for long, steady-paced walks. They’re a great way to explore new parks, neighborhoods or trails where you live – plus, brisk walks are great for those with weight loss as their goal. In addition to walking, Lisa likes to incorporate strength training into her workout routine “to feel confident and strong.” Can’t argue with that.

Move in ways that make you happy

I love to lift weights, train with my partner and practice different sports like track and field,” explains Coach Amé. In addition to those kinds of activities, Amé occasionally does kickboxing, jump rope workouts, yoga and pilates. “It’s important for me to enjoy moving, then I don’t feel like I’m training and I feel like I’m playing.” When you enjoy your workouts, you’re more likely to stick to it and succeed.

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Add resistance band workouts for more of a challenge

It comes as no surprise to us that Coach Alice loves resistance band workouts because she created a special resistance band program just for 8fit (coming soon to the 8fit app). “I love anything that is strength and resistance based,” Alice told us. Outside of using resistance bands, Alice likes to get into the weight room. “I’m naturally good at lifting because I’m short, compact and have good levers for explosive weightlifting movements,” explains Alice. “I love feeling strong, feeling powerful and experiencing that gratifying muscle fatigue after.

Yoga for stretching and stress release

Over the past couple of decades, yoga has evolved and become a common staple in many exercise routines. If you do 8fit HIIT workouts regularly, stretching muscles with yoga postures is very valuable. Our 8fit nutritionist, Jennifer, says yoga is her “favorite way to release stress and identify different pain points in the body.” Find yoga flows geared towards building strength, improving stability, relaxation, stretching the neck, opening the hips and more in the 8fit app.

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Play sports for exercise

Coach Tor is our sports guy. “When you have fun working out, it’s not work. The more fun you have, the more often you’ll do it,” he says. If you enjoy playing sports like volleyball, softball, soccer or tennis, consider joining a recreational team or asking colleagues and friends to play with you regularly. Not only is this great exercise, but it’s also a social activity and way to bond with others. What’s great about the 8fit app is that you can log almost every sport as activity and count it towards your weekly workout goal.

Lift weights for strength and spin for the sweat factor

If you’re an 8fitter, you definitely know who Coach Marife is. She might be small, but she is mighty. “I love lifting weights for glute strength and going to full-body cycling classes,” she tells us. In those spin classes, she feels the burn, sweats like crazy and feels amazing after. It’s all about feeling good, right?

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Try CrossFit to increase strength

Coach Alba is a CrossFitter. Like Coach Marife, Alba loves lifting weights and feeling the sweat drip – something she attains during a CrossFit session. Aside from the strength and sweat, she gets out of it, Alba loves CrossFit gymnastics. She enjoys the added challenge of pull-ups, pistols, handstands and other bodyweight exercises. Feeling powerful and strong is Alba’s kind of fun.

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Other ways to move

On top of trying some of the workouts suggested by the 8fit coaches, try incorporating more movement into your day with these nifty tips:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Get off the train/bus one or two stops early
  • Walk around the room as you drink water
  • Take a walk during your “afternoon slump” instead of reaching for sweets

We spend a lot of the day sitting at our desks, sitting on the train, sitting while we eat and, of course, sitting while we drive. Our bodies are made to move. Experiment with different kinds of exercise and movement to get up, get moving and get healthy.