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Noureen @ 8fit
Written by
Noureen @ 8fit
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If you’re trying to shake the sugar from your diet, we’ve got you covered. This list of no-sugar breakfast recipes will ease you into a low-sugar or sugar-free eating style without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

When we say “no sugar,” we’re not just talking about processed sugar, but natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup too. Instead of adding the sweet stuff to your meals, you’ll replace sugar with wholesome fruits and berries. Over time, you might be surprised at how nature’s candy starts to taste even better than actual candy.

8 Sugar-free breakfasts

1. Kale, Tomato & Poached Egg on Bread

Enjoy a savory breakfast that’s full of flavor and nutrition. The bread is topped with kale, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese – and the best part – a perfectly runny poached egg. While poaching the egg isn’t necessary, it’s actually considered the healthiest way to cook an egg.

2. Banana & Cinnamon Pudding

This easy breakfast of oats and banana is just what you need to get you out of bed. Its blend of sweet and savory flavors leave your palate satisfied, so you won’t go running for a breakfast bowl packed with sugar. Stir in a spoonful of peanut butter for an extra bit of indulgence and finish it off with a dusting of cinnamon.

3. Breakfast Tacos with Zucchini-Potato Hash

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays – enjoy these savory breakfast tacos with zucchini potato hash any day of the week. The potato in the hash fills you up and the spicy squeeze of hot sauce helps you feel full for longer. Also, did you know that eating an egg in the morning can reduce your daily calorie intake by 30%?

4. Banana & Almond Yogurt on Bread

Using nutritious, whole grain bread for this breakfast is a must. Simply swapping your regular white slice to a whole grain slice will keep you satiated for much longer. Spread a a generous dollop of the high-protein combo of Greek yogurt and almond butter on top, then finish it off with sliced banana and cinnamon.

5. Greek Yogurt & Berry Smoothie

The bright berries in this smoothie won’t just add a pop of color to your morning, they’ll also give you a heavy dose of nutrients without adding many calories. Blending flax seeds into the smoothie gives it a nutty flavor and creamy texture — plus, their mood-boosting properties are just what you need to start the day off right. Spike this berry smoothie with a hint of vanilla extract and we promise you won’t miss the sugar.

6. Coconut Porridge

We’re bringing the best flavors together – chocolate, coconut and peanut – for a fiber-filled, sugar-free breakfast. Healthy dietary fiber is just what you need to keep your digestive system healthy. Add chunks of juicy apple for natural sweetness and balance the sweet qualities out with a pinch of sea salt.

7. Coffee Mint Smoothie

Transform your average cup of coffee into everything you need to start the day off with a kick. This smoothie recipe includes protein derived from protein powder and almond butter to keep you satisfied, then fresh mint and cinnamon for flavorful twist. It’s a refreshing treat that beats any of those sugar-filled ice coffees out there.

8. Protein Pancakes with Peanut Butter & Applesauce

Plan the ultimate sugar-free breakfast with these protein pancakes – they’re fluffy and always hit the spot. The added bonus? The batter is made from just three main ingredients: eggs, oats and cottage cheese. Enjoy these pancakes topped with applesauce or smashed berries as a sugar-free sweetener. We also like mixing nut butter or berries with plain yogurt as a flavorful, nutritious topping.

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