Week 13: Motivation Tools That Help You Move Forward

Welcome to week 13 of the #8fitChallenge.  During week 12, you focused on functional movements — specifically the squatIf you missed any of the previous weekly challenges, catch up here:

Find motivations everywhere

We know this challenge hasn’t been easy. What’s amazing is that you’re still here and you’re still working hard to reach your goals. Remember, this isn’t one of those quick-fix diets — this is a lifestyle change.

We want to know: When you’re feeling down, what motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough? Here are some ideas from us:

  • Find a workout buddy.  You might cancel on yourself, but it’s harder when someone is counting on you.
  • Start small. Mini-goals help propel you forward and create a ripple effect.  
  • Make it a habit.  Do that one thing — and do it consistently.

Weekly challenge

This week, choose a power song or inspirational quote to share with us. Post a photo or a video and tag#8fitChallenge and #8fit in the caption. 

Tune in next Monday on Instagram for the weekly winner and we’ll see you on Thursday for our live 8fit workout!