A Note from Our Lead Trainer: Stay Home, Stay 8fit

Written by
Emily @ 8fit
Written by
Emily @ 8fit
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At 8fit, we want to help you stay strong and healthy during this uncertain time. We've always had your overall health in top-of-mind which is why we combine workouts with healthy recipe ideas and sleep meditations too. Now, more than ever, we must prioritize our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us. Let's #StayHome and #Stay8fit together.

Exercise and the immune system

Regular exercise is a great way to increase your body’s immune response while also reducing stress and anxiety levels. When it comes to boosting immunity, contemporary evidence shows that "leading a physically active lifestyle reduces the incidence of communicable (e.g., bacterial and viral infections) and non-communicable diseases (e.g., cancer)."

Studies show that exercise program are a "viable treatment option for the treatment of anxiety." High intensity exercise regimens, like the 8fit's full-body HIIT program, were found to be more effective than low intensity regimens. We recommend 3-4 HIIT workouts per week depending on where you're starting. If you're used to working out less than that, don't worry – workouts are short and we meet you where you are. If you're used to moving more than that, add in some of our core, strength and yoga workouts – they're all available once you subscribe.

Where food comes in

More time on your hands? Try some of gourmet recipes. Not a chef or busy chasing kids around? We have quick, simple recipes – some with 5 ingredients or less. Combining our fun, no-equipment workouts with nutritious recipes gives you the tools you need to thrive in the comfort of your own home.

How to stay motivated

How could we possible stay motivated at a time like this? It's not easy, but it's possible. Here at 8fit HQ in Berlin and throughout Europe, schools, childcare and local businesses are all closing down. Residents are being asked to work from home and stay indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our nations healthy. This disruption to normal life is stressful for a lot of us which means it’s important to maintain healthy hygiene and immunity-boosting activities like exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep routine. The 8fit team is here to help – let’s beat this thing together.

How we can help

To lend a helping hand during an uncomfortable time, we're giving new users 1 month free (offer expired) and a discounted monthly rate moving forward. We'll also offer free workouts on Instagram live every day at 5 p.m. CET for the foreseeable future (concluded in May 2020). Join me, Emily, as I kick things off with a HIIT workout on Wednesday, March 18.

We hope that 8fit brings a smile to your face and helps you feel good.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and safety,


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