You’ve eaten well, been working out and have stayed consistent. You step on the scales only to be disheartened by the number glaring back at you. Don’t panic! The scales don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth either. They don’t tell you if you have lost fat, gained muscle or are just retaining water.

Taking progress photos is a much better way to monitor your progress. You’ll be able to see if you’re moving in the right direction (or if you’re actually ‘moving’ at all). As you see yourself everyday in the mirror, it’s difficult to see if you’re really making any progress. But, compare photos of yourself when you first started your new fitness regime to even just 1 month ago and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Follow these tips to take the best before/after pictures

Here are 8 tips to ensure you have the best photos, helping you to track your progress effectively and reach your fitness goals.

  • Show your shape! You need to be able to compare the changes and this is harder if you are in a baggy t-shirt. Tight gym or swim wear is best and if possible, your stomach should be visible, as this is a great indicator of weight loss and/or muscle gain. Wear the SAME clothes or something similar every time. If you are proud of your progress, you might want to show others, so please avoid pictures in your underwear.
  • Take the photo with the SAME plain wall or background (preferably white) with no clutter.
before after progress photo how 1
before after progress photo how 2
  • Take a FULL BODY photo at eye level. No mirror selfie. Ask someone to take it or use a timer and position your body in the center to fill the frame.
  • Take the photo from the FRONT, SIDE and BACK. Use the SAME side(s) every time.
before after progress photo how 3
  • Take the photo with natural daylight or as much light as possible.
  • Stand up straight. Shoulders back and down. Use the SAME posture every time.
before after progress photo how 6
  • Take a progress photo every month.
before after progress photo how 7

Take pride in your pictures and take time getting them right. This is YOUR journey. Having clear progress photos will really help you see just how far you’ve come and propel you forward to reach your fitness goals.

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