How to Create a Healthy Routine at Home

Written by
Emily @ 8fit
Written by
Emily @ 8fit
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Being home all day isn’t easy – especially if you’re a city dweller like many of us at 8fit HQ. It’s funny because sometimes we dream about staying in all day on Saturday or Sunday after a long week – sleeping late, watching Netflix, baking cookies and not leaving the house unless it’s for takeaway at our favorite local restaurant. It’s different when we don’t have a choice in the matter. 

With many of us impacted by enforced or self-quarantine, it’s important to create some kind of routine and clear boundaries to distinguish between home life and work life – that is, if you’re lucky enough to still be working. After a week of doing this ourselves, we have some tips for those of you still struggling with home-all-day life in the wake of COVID-19 and coronavirus quarantine. 

8 ways to create a healthy routine in quarantine 

Where 8fit HQ is positioned in Berlin, Germany, we’re lucky enough to still be allowed outside for groceries and exercise as long as we go alone or with members of our household. It’s important that we still take all of the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others by keeping distance and not touching anything unnecessarily – especially our faces. Outside of those activities, we’re staying in and following our own advice:

1. Create a routine that feels good. Whether you are working from home or not, it’s important to create some kind of routine. That means going to bed and waking up at the same time. Then, set a schedule for the morning that includes enjoying some coffee or tea, making breakfast, exercise, and getting dressed for the day. That last one is an underestimated game-changer. Even if you’re just dressing for business up top and casual on the bottom (thank you, video calls), getting dressed in some capacity will make you feel good. 

2. Create a space that works for your routine. Another thing some of us struggled with last week was creating boundaries – something that starts with setting up your space. When work, play, socializing, exercise, and eating all take place in the same location – sometimes the same room – it’s not easy to set boundaries. We suggest setting up your work or school assignments in one place, then keep them there. That means, keeping your laptop at your desk or one end of the dining table – wherever you’re most productive. Don’t take that work to the couch because the couch is reserved for chill time. If you’re exercising at home with 8fit or virtual classes offered by your favorite trainer, set up a designated workout space. Same goes for every activity you’re prioritising this week.

3. Take care of your body and mind with movement. Speaking of exercise… move! Moving your body will make you feel incredible, plus it’ll boost your body’s immunity. If you can get outside for a workout, great! Go for a long walk or run to get some vitamin D and those feel-good endorphins. If a walk or run isn’t possible, you can take your 8fit app to the backyard or patio to get sun and sweat. Finally, if outdoor workouts isn’t an option in either of those capacities, follow step number two and set up a designated workout space in your home. Let it be your sanctuary. 

4. Hygiene is important, even if no one can smell you. You’re already washing your hands more than normal (hopefully), but don’t skimp on those showers, face masks, and other good stuff. Feeling fresh and clean will make your mind fresh and clean. If you’ve been hanging in your PJs for an extended amount of time in the morning, think about switching it up – even if it means business on the top, comfy on the bottom for those video conference calls. The simple routine of “getting ready for the day” will help shift towards a more positive mindset. 

5. Keep a clean space. Mom always told us that making our bed makes the space look so much cleaner. Mom is always right. Keep your space tidy or use some of your extra time to do spring cleaning. Open the windows, let some fresh air in and feel better instantly. 

6. Learn something new. Now that there’s no more commuting to work, workouts or meet-ups, you might have a little more time during your day. Commit to waking up at the time you normally would and spend this time wisely by listening to a podcast while you make your breakfast, reading a book as you sip your coffee, or take a pause between work and dinner to try a new hobby. Important: You don’t need to use this time to learn or be the most productive human on Earth. Don’t let social media pressure you into productivity – it’s OK if you just want to relax.

7. Routinely check on your loved ones. Some of us are better at this whole quarantine thing than others. Make sure you’re calling, texting, and video chatting with your loved ones – you might be surprised by who needs you the most. And, on a similar note to number 6, don’t feel obligated to start communicating daily with people you might not talk to weekly or even monthly. This especially goes for conversations that leave you feeling more empty or anxious than warm and smiley. Either way, this whole communicating more – and communicating better – is a habit we hope sticks. 

8. Honor your feelings. It’s OK to feel anxious or stressed in these uncertain times. Make sure you take time to feel your feelings and then enlist the help of 1-7 above to help you feel a little better. 

How we can help

Of course, we can help with the whole at-home workout and healthy eating things, but 8fit also offers sleep meditations in English and German if you’re having trouble getting some solid shuteye.

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