The Struggle of Staying Motivated During the Holidays is Real

Written by
Joe @ 8fit
Written by
Joe @ 8fit
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Thanksgiving just happened and the country already looks like Santa Claus exploded. At 8fit, we know that the struggle to stay motivated during the holidays is real. I mean, The Knight Before Christmas won’t watch itself.

We just want you to know… We feel you.

Post-Thanksgiving bliss…

It’s not good to work out on a full stomach anyway.

Check it out! It's kicking!

Black Friday was rough this year… Gotta rest.

I’ll get back at it tomorrow.

In bed. Yup. Pure bliss.

Two birds, one stone


But I don’t wanna work out today!

It’s rest day… I’ve just decided.

Five more minutes!

FINE! I'm going...

This still counts, right?

Good day! Better get home for pie.

And sleep... Back at it tomorrow. FOR REAL.

NO! Why can't sleep be exercise?

Two rounds for time?

When you're ready, try easing back into it with an 8fit HIIT workout.

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