8fit Success Story: Elena

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8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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A self-confessed geek whose main loves are film, food, and Harry Potter, 32-year-old Elena joined the 8fit family in 2018. Not feeling her best, not happy with what she saw in the mirror, and struggling to follow a healthy routine, she set out to make positive changes that would help her confidence and self-acceptance return.

What the Spanish fashion design student didn’t expect was that she’d soon have a whole new mindset and support network that would see differences in both her lifestyle and her dress size.

We spoke to Elena at home in London to learn a little more about her journey.

Elena, how did you discover 8fit?

I was catching up with a friend and the conversation turned to how we could lead a healthier life. I’d gained weight and, having just turned 30, I knew that life was too short to not feel happy with myself. She had recently downloaded 8fit and told me about the convenient meal and exercise plans, so I decided to take a look.

I’d tried different methods in the past, but never an app. I thought a different approach might help me this time. I downloaded 8fit in the fall of 2018 and have lost around 45 pounds since then—in the healthiest way.

What did you expect going into your first workout?

Well, I hadn’t worked out since, hmm… never! I thought my first workout would be super tough and I pleaded with my phone for it to be easy. It was challenging, for sure, but it felt good. It wasn’t too long or complex—things that would probably have made me give up—and I wanted to come back the next day. I definitely surprised myself, I was so proud to have finished it and taken that first step.

Tell us how the meal plans work for you.

Even though you’re moving all the muscles you have during the workouts, you’re never hungry because the meals are balanced to give your body what it needs. Plus, they taste great. It was easy from the beginning, giving you options: Do you want challenging or super easy recipes? Wallet-friendly options? Which ingredients do you want to avoid? And boom, you have a menu for the week. You select how many people you want to feed, so it’s perfect for families too, and it creates a shopping list with all the right amounts. I seem to eat a lot and still lose weight… maybe there’s a bit of magic involved.

How might your menu look for the day?

My go-to is Apple Minute Pudding for breakfast, then Spicy Turkey Tacos for lunch, and Carrot Soup with Cilantro for dinner—so yummy! And don’t forget the snacks, Dark Chocolate with Berries & Peanuts is a nice one. I’m still trying new recipes after almost two years. Even when something sounds a bit, well, weird, it’s usually pretty good.

Where do you find your motivation?

Right after the first 10-minute workout, I thought, “I can do 10 minutes tomorrow too.” That feeling hasn’t changed. My routine and the way I ate became completely different, I started exercising at least twice a week (a lot when you went from nothing!) and I started seeing and feeling the results of these new habits.

I knew close friends and family members were struggling with the same things I was so, when I knew 8fit was working for me, I had to let them know. I wrote to them like, “Hey guys, you need to download this app, it has exercise plans from level zero, personalized meal plans with proper food, it even does your shopping list!” Now many of us connect and keep each other going as a group, challenging ourselves, doing the workouts, and making the meals. Even my auntie’s high cholesterol levels improved after using 8fit, and her doctor told her to just keep doing whatever it is she’s doing.

What would you say to someone who wants to make similar changes?

Be honest with yourself, keep going, drink water, do as much as you feel up to every day, and never, ever get discouraged by the scales. There are always going to be lazy days, period days, sad days, days when sticking to a routine is difficult. With 8fit, it’s easy to come back because there’s no punishment. It’s a way of living that happens to be healthy and makes you feel better.

My boyfriend and I eat the same meals from the app and often work out together. He’s also lost a lot of weight. More than me, so we won’t go there, but I’m secretly super proud of him too.

Leave us with a little bit of inspiration. What’s your favorite mantra?

I have two. “Old ways won’t open new doors.” And, “May the Force be with you.” I told you I was a geek.

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